Old diet in new look (+ WIN)

Montignac-Ria experts Tummers and Francis Valdez have revived the Montignac method. The well-known principles of Montignac have remained, but adapted to renewed insights and to this time. Starting point of the diet of Montignac, or better said: the Montignac-way of life-because that is the more-is not counting calorie ë n. power supply is rated on the composition and characteristics of certain nutrients. We also looked at whether fit them together in certain combinations. This is done based on the glycemic index (GI) of koolhydraathoudend food. High GI carbohydrates do not fit within this method, because these are put on weight. Products with a low GI ensure that the pancreas and insulin system function properly, making you fall off. The book Easy on weight, good food and healthy living, starting with treating this theory. In itself best tough costs, but do not save from the field. That you don’t have to learn everything out of your head or spend hours puzzling in the right combinations yourself, it appears later in the book. There are ready made weekly menu’s and shopping lists for a period of thirteen weeks. The first six weeks are aimed at the pancreas a rest and to reprogram the insulin system, that will make you feel fitter and will lose weight. The second stage is that of the gewichtbeheersing: possibly further lose weight, and ultimately ensure that you also know that new weight retention. Montignac promises you that you don’t starve. You may eat as needed, provided that you comply with the rules, listen to your body and you stuff yourself. Where Montignac step up differentiates compared to other di é é daily ë at, is that you can drink one or two glasses of wine. And of course adequate exercise-as with any healthy diet-desirable.

 Old diet in new look (+ WIN)  Old diet in new look (+ WIN)  Old diet in new look (+ WIN)  Old diet in new look (+ WIN)

ten years ago I followed, m é a while Montignac t result. What I especially remember of me this time, is that I as a lover of brown bread with cheese or meat came to my draw not enough. Jam or raw food was when the only allowable combination with bread. But that has now changed, fortunately. There are more possibilities for bread lovers and the writers of this book also give lots of good tips about going out to dinner or lunch at work. As for the recipes: these are always in terms of quantities for two or four people. Convenient, because this allows the whole family (possibly with some minor adjustments) just have dinner. From experience I know that there are two kinds of dieters are: one half has enough to clear guidelines and digs out everything myself. The other half is preferably to a tight week menu, that from A to Z is prescribed. With this book, full of delicious recipes, great photo’s, good tips, explanation é n a (limited) GI index, will both parties satisfied! Old Montignac diet in new look (+ WIN) Easy on your weight, good food and healthy levenRia TAM & f. van 9789049400217 Arkel232 pages

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WIN! May 10 Motignac Vrouw.nl-books give away. Give, to win this book, answer the following question: on what factors are feeding in the Montignac diet assessed? (Tip: see article for the answer!) Mail your answer to prijsvraag@vrouw.nl, mentioned ” Montignac ” in the subject and also put in the email your name, address and username on Vrouw.nl. Without registered user name you can unfortunately not join! Only é é n entry per address is accepted. This contest will run until Friday 6 February

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