WIN: DVD Suburban Girl!

Suburban Girl is based on the stories by bestselling and screenwriter Melissa Bank. The   fulfilled by none other than Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Cruel Intentions) and Alec Baldwin (The Departed, The Aviator). Sarah plays the ravishing Brett that itself up want to work in the New York publishing world and Alec

giant publishers plays Archie.verhaalBrett

The Eisenberg is a young but promising worker of a small publisher in New York. She is hoping for a promotion, but comes on a day é n é of the most influential publishers of New York against. The  WIN: DVD Suburban Girl! 50-year-old Archie Knox has many important connections and a lot of power. The young Brett can not resist its charms before she   know, ends with him in bed.   Archie invades her with   expensive gifts and expensive dinners and he tries to help her with her career è re. She is convinced that her problems now belong to the past, but nothing seems to be less true. Although their relationship seems a fairy tale, it starts the age difference between the two slowly but surely take its toll.May three dvd’s of Suburban Girl give away. What should you do? only active members, at least two photo’s uploaded ü pload and at least three girlfriends, make chances for a dvd. (Of course you can quickly upload a picture and/or girlfriends invite if you still does not meet the conditions.) WIN: DVD Suburban Girl! Please answer the following question: With which famous dog has Sarah Michelle Gellar   ever played together in a movie?Mail your answer for 6 February to including your login name on and your address information. Winners will be notified personally by email.

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