Interview: Agnes Kant.

the society associates the role of women still with the woman as \ ‘ \ ‘ mother, do you think that you thereby as a woman in politics is harder settled on your statements? No, not in itself. I do not believe so much that women in politics, when it really comes down to it, otherwise assessed. Though falls at a discussion between women soon the judgement \ ‘ \ ‘ chiding women. If you’re in a debate, if woman is insistent that rather as \ ‘ whining \ ‘ seen. And if you hard and solid, you’re a bitch. Men have less affected by this judgment. But women are not addressed in the room increase or decrease than our male colleague’s. From (recently held) research shows that the Dutch woman despite improved Babysitting/Child Services, still no carri è re aspires. What do you think of this? That should women themselves know. For women who want to and can, it is therefore important that childcare is available and affordable. But there are also women who precisely because of the concern for the children choose part-time work instead of for a flashy carri è re. Who am I to against a young mother or father to say how they organise their lives? The importance of work is not always good for everything.Still, there is no proportional distribution of tasks between men and women. The Dutch woman to thank this to themselves? Well, that is definitely not for my own household. There are, in fact, the roles reversed. Since 1998 I quite a few days per week from home. That means the care of the children to a large extent on my husband comes down. But I’m also not \ ‘ that woman who on Sunday the meat cuts \ ‘. Quite a few women choose to work less. There’s nothing wrong with that. Unless it is not voluntary, and they do not feel free or are to make a choice. But as always when it comes to emancipation goes, it is the people-in this case the women themselves who should do it. At your appointment as Group President, you have stated ” We want to move forward ” . Now almost seven months later, do you feel that you have been able to live up to this? We’re going to certainly ahead. When in the course of september came the credit crisis erupted, we have played a leading role in naming the causes, and making proposals to prevent another crisis. I have taken to me strong not only in this crisis but for the Cabinet to assess on crisis management. The crisis is not House from the United States. Also in Netherlands is policy since the 1980s for less Government and more market. The financial markets have been liberalised ë le. Freedom and happiness, the market lost it on! Well not so. I have therefore also quite deliberately laid parallel to other sectors such as health care, energy and education. Also there you can see that market incentives do not lead to more quality, but accurate dichotomy.What can the SP mean laying down the measures to be well out of the financial crisis and upcoming recession to come ë le? You can make a distinction between the long and short term. In the short term, we have proposals to larger damage to the economy. That can for example by extending the proposal of reduced working hours, through investments in rail and housing to the front. But also by corporate loan guarantees so that companies do not postpone their investments. But apart from this \ ‘ \ ‘ crisis management has the economy also need real change. Since the 1990s, the power of shareholders become ever larger. Most shareholders go for short-term profit, which is bad for companies and employees. More profit long meant a higher bonus for the driver. That is a faulty stimulus, only from self-interest. We must learn the lessons from this crisis. Therefore, there must be a parliamentary inquiry also come quickly. Would you like to govern with a right-wing coalition if the SP achieved a big win again in the next election? No, that would also be illogical. When the SP makes large profit, give voters again that they want the more humane and more social. The last time the CDA was buried to the SP the door hard. the Labour Party, in turn, has not had to rule that the SP also ë ist. That is why we now have to deal with a centre-right cabinet.The SP also struggles with her identity when it comes to sensitive topics? Ella Vogelaar gave at her departure that the Labour Party, when it comes to integration, can’t choose between a sound and a social right-left sound. No, the SP has solid roots in the neighborhoods and among the people. Thereby our analyses and proposals are close to the experiences of ordinary people. Integration is a good example of this. In the eighties we are reviled by other left-wing parties, because we then argued for a solid integration policies. That was swearing in the left-wing Church. Now the proposals we then, as to school together, mixed neighborhoods and learning the Dutch language, become quite common. The SP is currently on 17 seats with a loss of 8 in comparison with the last elections. How does the SP win back this lost seats? Polls fluctuate some. Now it is again 18, so we rise steadily. By the credit crunch has gotten much credit as a crisis manager Minister Forest. When I see how the effects of the crisis are now being taken care of, I think his popularity drops, because in it shooting the government deficit. I still need but see if forest and go to an end over the next few years é cht Balkenende to the gigasalarissen at the top. Our line is very clear: \ ‘ we need to get away from the hardline neo-liberalism. That is not a new story, but a consistent line since our entry into the Room in 1994. I am confident that many Dutch people

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