Let Edsilia but singing!

Let me

but singing, so hot the tour that pulls this season along the Dutch Edsilia theatres. The title comes from a poem by Edsilia’s father-in-law Huub Oosterhuis, the father of her husband Doug. Just let me Sing stores literally on Edsilia, who does. And that was Monday night to note!De Kleine Komedie in Amsterdam was packed with friends and family of the singer. By Edgar Davids to Lewis and Jasmine Sendar to, Rachel-Royal visit-Prince Bernhard Jr.,  ! and Princess Annette. The little Theatre on the Amstel River almost burst out of her voe  show Edsilia but singing! gene, especially when the 30-year-old singer exciting up tempo-performed the songs with accompanying belly dance and the public still just not on the chairs stood by


In let me But quiet at the fact that she sings country Edsilia now has passed the thirty-somethings, with coherent-dilemma’s. though, Edsilia says there were not bad to bother. Yes, here and there some extra weight and think about the future hear there might be, but the singer is still madly and does what she likes to sing and entertain. So no thoughts of: do I do what I want?

In her show looks back on her childhood, Edsilia how they used to be in the car singing along with the radio songs and actually didn’t know what she was singing. She talks about her parents, who divorced when she was young. She makes jokes and really makes contact with her audience. Edsilia told Ze.nl that they already been this theater tour with a smile and a tear is experiencing. On the premi è reavond she sang a beautiful ballad for its november  show Edsilia but singing! deceased best friend Honey, with which they shared weal and woe. It gave the audience goose bumps. Let me

but singing is a collection of site (Dutch-speaking) songs and soul classics by greats like Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin and Oletta Adams. But also a remix of Ne-Yo’s Come Closer and Rihanna’s Don’t Stop the Music ” are discussed. Even though she gave recently in Life & Cooking will do more to bring never to the Eurovision Song Contest, which is more than ten years since her breakthrough; Edsilia sang Monday night her two hits heaven and Earth and never without you (On top of the World) with a great enthusiasm. And the Hall sang everything Word for Word.

Edsilia shines like never before. Comfortable in her skin and with a great charisma, she is more than two hours long to sing as if it were her no effort. With great pleasure and enthusiasm, she plays along with her four-piece band (including drummer and pianist from the band by Marco Borsato). Her husband Doug and good friend Karin Bloemen contributed to a wonderful soul show, which especially after the break its real climax experience.   at the end of the show all the emotions come loose, and with a handkerchief in her hand take Edsilia farewell to her audience. What a super woman!Photo’s: Nico Swartz

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