CD: Nikki-Naked

has previously already been talked to this girl, but yet we would highlight her cd just a little. It has lasted at least six months before her new album in stores lag …

Why? CD: Nikki-Naked according to Nikki is deliberately chosen to wait with the album: ” it had to be squeezed, not forced but really on the winning artist to be made. ” And if you ask me, that’s really successful. Naked is a beautiful album with a little pop/rock-like music. The numbers alternate well off; upbeat, calm or something in between. But Nikki feels good at every song: ” the text writers have really understood what I like, what suits me and who I am. ” Naked?The title of the album is Naked, but why? Isn’t it weird to call your album \ ‘ \ ‘ to naked? On her fansite   they lay it out: ” a number on top and mixed is, sounds almost always good … But at the moment the number completely undresses, by, for example, only with an acoustic guitar to play, and he still stands as a home, then it is a full number in itself. This is my starting point. That you’ll also be sure your speakers are switched on the cd. Another reason that I have chosen for Naked is because I won’t expose me now with this album won’t give. The numbers on it represent me in text and style. Look, this is who I am. ” And?Fair e  CD: Nikki-Naked Add Reece Davids, this is the first time that I have a album of a pop idol winner really likes it. The numbers of Nikki are absolutely not comparable to Step Right Up Jamai or When You Think of Me by Boris. Her latest and third single What Did I Do is a great number. You notice that they totally give himself, and that the album on her is tuned.

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