Night \ ‘ \ ‘ Super model swings

the actors in supermodel the Musical as the characters they represent: young and vibrant, filled with passion and talent, craving h ú n moment … and they are not the least: Claudia de Graaf, Ears, Writer  \ \ ' supermodel ' Night swings Bettina Holwerda, Inge Ipenburg, Boris Schreurs, Wouter Braaf, Patty Braun and Sebastiano Zafarana. They show how it go in the fashion scene.Super model The Musical is a ‘ chick lit-on-stage \ ‘: a love story that is interspersed with well-known pop songs, dance and the necessary

(gay) humor.

who are we, the spectators, to the stars of this evening to begrudge their breakthrough? Jealousy, hate and envy, come out unscathed in your designerdress right on the catwalk. They are already excited about ready at the moment where they have been waiting for so long, full in the spotlight to stand. \ ‘ The wandering mannequins \ ‘ Sprint from side to side to the last dot the i convert  , taping rushed a top vas  \ \ ' supermodel ' Night swings t so that their breasts covered during their round about the runway, one last get with the powder brush … Then start the music: there is no way back, no second chance, the n ú or never, or crack. The world of glitter, glamour and show is a hard …It must be said, it takes quite a long time before the show \ ‘ powering up, the quality is not sky high and the story not particularly compelling or memorable,   d   é sondanks every visitor will with the \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘ 80 years Fame-feeling left the Chamber. The beautiful creations of couturier Ronald Kolk, responsible, among other things, for the clothing of   Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands, Liesbeth List, Bette Midler and Tina Turner, are breathtaking. Tel here finally the overwhelming vocals of sparkling new talent and the visible enthusiasm of the players at on …  \ \ ' supermodel ' Night swings

when the train starts running, rumbles off on this linea recta a standing ovation. The grand finale can only be termed as grand; When players bring scene it is engulfing the number Amadeus-moment finally there and can look back on a performance where the stakes and enjoyment from varicose!

curious? Super model The Musical is still going on in the Krasnapolsky Hotel in Amsterdam to 5 april.

Specially for all visitors of is there a special discount for the entire play period to supermodel the Musical to go for only 20 euro for a 1st grade-card! (normally 35 euro)

one can sign up by sending an e-mail to indicating name, address, email address & telephone number. In case the cards are sent after payment or message the cards can be picked up at the box office on the day itself. Please note: on =


the performances are Thursday through Sunday at 20: 00. On Saturday and Sunday there is also a version to   15: 00. Location: NH Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky in Amsterdam. photo’s: Angel Mulder

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