Suburban Girl: for the ultimate pre-Valentijnsgevoel

For the ultimate pre-parking Valentijnsgevoel you yourself (and your girlfriends) on the couch with this feel good film, chocolate and a bottle of wine. Have you no sense in alcohol? You are warned at this: you get a lot of the young leaf and wheedling getong Brett (Sarah Michelle Gellar) and \ ‘ \ ‘ the old grandfather Archie (Alec Baldwin) for your choose. Although I sticky moments during the \ ‘ \ ‘ with a nauseous feeling for the TV SAT, is the large age difference between the lovebirds have what the film is all about. Brett Eisenberg is a young but promising worker of a small publisher in New York. She hopes on promotion, but getting only tough jobs assigned by her new, bossy supervisor. Brett later met during a book presentation the 50-year-old Archie Knox, a Publisher with many important connections and power. The young Brett can not resist his charms and ends with him in bed in no time. The months that follow, look like a fairy tale: Archie engulfs her not only with expensive gifts and luxurious dinners, he helps her with her carri è re. Brett is very happy and convinced that her problems now belong to the past, but nothing is less true. The age difference between Brett and Archie starts slowly but surely take its toll. At all if it turns out that Brett’s father (a man of Archies age) is dying and Archie not the alcohol and other women can stay off. The film also offers a high dose of girl power. Brett transforms from an insecure girl to an independent and confident woman. All of a sudden the tables are turned: now Archie, slowly but surely, the weaker party in the relationship. Suburban Girl: for the ultimate pre-Valentijnsgevoel Suburban Girl MArc Klein Published inapril 2008 Genre: romantic comedy duration: 97 minutes issued by: Dutch Filmworks EAN: 8715664062050

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