2.5 km Spanish recipes (+ WIN)

1080 Recetas

for over thirty years is a true cooking Bible for Spanish households. The recipes are authentic Spanish, but far from old-fashioned. Simple, accessible and something for everyone. Simone Ortega (author of the very first edition) and daughter In é s updated to change the book without the essence. Now, in 2009, the book is beautifully illustrated and translated to obtain ge ï in Dutch bookshops.Monstrosity in the beginning The book requires some attention to fathom. Not that it’s so complicated, it’s mostly quite a monstrosity. Where do you start? What are you looking for? It turns out to be extremely clear, with a general content classified at the front and in the back of a registry with the numbers of the recipes. The recipes are in the Dutch with a Spanish translation of the title ready to be tried. Informative and inviting it is like a cookbook is supposed to be: extensive and varied, uncluttered, informative and inviting. Not é n é recipe for paella, no, six recipes for paella. Not é n é recipe for fish soup, but eight. Numerous vegetables you read the origin, the season, the nutritional value and preparation. Fish will teach you how to make different types of clean. With meat you can see which part of the meat stuff is and how you can prepare the best of slaughter or suckling lamb. At almost every recipe is a note; an addition or high about a ë nt that you sure used ingredients. All of that information makes the m é r é than a cookbook, it is almost a cooking course.Mouth watering Jamier Mariscal illustrated the book with beautiful, simple, almost childlike drawings. Are photos not a loss, you wonder? No. Every few pages, you’ll find a bunch of photos with the numbers of the dishes. Unadorned. The recipes are straight from the pan photographed or on a simple white board. It is purely the Court that matters, to get an idea what you actually are building. Actually it is not really necessary, even without the pictures runs the water found in the mouth, when you see this new Bible leafs. 2.5 km spanish recipes (+ WIN) é s Ortega976 bladzijdenVan receptenSimone and In 1080 Dishoeck ISBN: 9789047506157WIN! Vrouw.nl may give away a number of cookbooks. Mail to prijsvraag@vrouw.nl, mentioned ” 1080 recipes ” in the subject and also put in the email your name, address and username on Vrouw.nl. Without registered user name you can unfortunately not join! Only é é n entry per address is accepted. This contest will run until Friday 13 February 9 am

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