Losing everything

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directly on the first page the story in with the obituary of the main character Claire Vincent-Andijk. This stirs up absolutely to the curiosity. Then you go a month back in time. Claire has her life all on track, exactly by the book: happily married, two cute kids and a nice house. And, of course, do you think as a Reader constantly: How did it so can go wrong with her? There you come soon behind. Her safe life is brutally called into question when her former boyfriend Marius comes from prison after ten years. He belongs to a part of her past that she at all costs wants to keep out of her present life reminder é n. Even her husband Harald know nothing at all of the years v ó r ó his time. Emotional knot Despite attempts to keep Marius from her life, Claires, he sees that they are not around him can. On physically, but also emotionally. She comes in a kind of emotional knot of fear, anger, love and, of course, confusion. Through flashbacks will get a look in her repressed life, so you better her actions and jumps like a cat understands. Double life leads her husband Harald Meanwhile also a kind of double life. In separate chapters you’ll find out that his real estate agency not as successful as it seems and that he with his own problems. Because Claire and Harald both of them especially with their own difficulties and the other want to protect against this, widens the gap between the two main characters slowly. Drives you with Claire slowly towards the danger. So works Verhoef with different storylines to a surprising climax.Typical Netherlands although the book is very well written and it’s nice and reads, it’s not a copy that you no longer storing power of the tension. This is perhaps the not too complex storyline. Also the typical Dutch setting of the book does decrease the credibility of the events. As if such a story w é l sea can take place, but not in our own Holland. Nonsense of course, but still expresses a slight mark on the experience of the book. losing everything verliezenEsther Verhoef 318 pages ISBN: everything 9041410570

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