Don’t eat @ the station!

on a daily basis there are thousands of people with this so it goes. On the medium and large stations are nowadays to find a lot of temptations. For overweight people this is unfortunately not so good. The various kiosks, Albert Heijn To Go’s, bread business, fans of good taste and Swirl’s make it the people who what kilo’s abandon any easier. If you don’t have time to have breakfast you can go there, but also, if you’re with a lot of pull out of school or of your work and no longer have to cook. Actually, there are at any time of the day though  Don \ 't eat @ the station! currently enough refreshments for you attractive. You think still as good after, it went just as well with your waste attempt. So you want to actually do something healthy to eat. where can you

on choose the best moment for so \ ‘ n?

The best you can to the Albert Heijn To Go Go to a piece of fruit, a currant bun or other bread to buy. Also a cup of coffee or tea is good to kill time and yet little to get ë n kilocalorie. Be careful with buying food at the station, because in those shops are very many products to get that many times tastier than those currant bun or Cup of tea. To enter the shop you make it yourself very difficult …

Actually eat quickly at the station is never good. Especially if you want to fall off, it is very important to always be aware va  Don \ 't eat @ the station! n what you eat. You should take the time for that. When you on the drive fast you scoop or snack inside nibbles, you doing it purely because you’re bored and hungry. Within no time is it behind you choose and you don’t even have any notice, something that you had eaten by ü.

the absolute great Sin on the drive are the snacks from the fans of good taste, the Burger King and the delicious ice creams of the Swirl’s. these products are jam-packed with calorie ë n and for that you know they are on.  Don \ 't eat @ the station! Try to avoid this so really, because if you make a habit of it will

the k’s fly.

since we are currently in an economic recession life there is another reason why it is unwise to buy food and drinks at the station. Everything is a lot more expensive than in a normal supermarket. The best you can so just always have a piece of fruit or a responsible snack in your bag so you don’t have to buy anything at all. If you then pull that just have you eat on. it will cost you any extra money and the chance that you can resist the temptations is a lot bigger! ë

not to try the drive Association with a place where you can buy lots of food. Go if you have to wait in a shop where you can buy magazines and look there when around. Setting up a nice piece of music or read a book also helps. You then have a different kind of distraction so you probably don’t even think of eating … Choose a nice spot on the drive and you will notice, that too without distraction of eating time flies, and that it is also so bad falls with the pull that you always seems to h  Don \ 't eat @ the station! e. Before you know it, that train there again and you don’t even by that you have been waiting for half an hour.

so be wise and eat your meals at home. You can then enjoy it a lot more, it helps you save a lot of money and it is also much better for your health!   This article was written by Anita Mahajan, nutritionist at the website This article is automatically posted by WP-Auto Post: WordPress Auto Blog pluginAdd Custom Links, WP-Auto Post

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