Opening Night 10th AIFW

I the westergasfabriek in step with anticipation. The Amsterdam International Fashion Week (AIFW) was officially opened last Saturday with a rousing fashion show on Amsterdam Central station. However,   today start essential fashion weeks actually about: the shows! During Fashion Week already established names and new talent show their latest collections where they months long to  Opening Night 10th AIFW have been floundering. One designer follows the latest fashion trends, the other designs to your own style.   It is the turn of Bibi van der Velden and Claes Iversen. Both have been on the Fashion Week

their arts manifested.

Jewelry designer Bibi van der Velden if last year as first keep her fashion show. Bibi started years ago with a bulging collection of old jewelry. This jewelry cre ë erde they new and this turned out to be a great success!   Her models, which seem to come from all over the world, all have a darker skin tone, making all the white and gold jewelry perfect come true. Her current collection is inspired on   ge ï the African nature, involving her jewelry mostly consist of exotic feathers, eggs, shiny stones and teeth of animals from the jungle, all with many gold details. Given the great jewelry and the use of controversial materials seem the jewelry myself, however, not so \ ‘ \ ‘ as portable that Bibi on her invitation let know …

a few moments later the time for Claes Iversen. Meanwhile, there are even more BN \ ‘ ers on the first row of the catwalk, including Fiona Hering, Leco Vivek, Mari van de Ven, Frederique van der Wal, Ans Markus and designers Jan Taminiau and Frans Molenaar. Clothing designer Claes Iversen lets itself this evening of his best side. Black, purple and gray predominate in the shiny evening dresses,   padded jackets, the chic tops, pants and accessories. Claes Iversen showing  3_250 .jpeg AIFW Opening Night 10th AIFW this collection ready-to-wear clothing, which I only too happy to a few items in my closet would want to hang out!


As my last glass Mo ë t et Chandon is empty, I leave all camera crews, fashionista’s, the many designer clothes, the band and all BN \ ‘ ers behind and I go on home to (m é t goodie bag). In the row of the wardrobe, I am again reminded of the real Dutch glamour:   designer Frans Molenaar is just standing next to me with z \ ‘ \ ‘ n to z own jas n receipt to pick up. Hugo Boss é é n of probably or Armani, that then again though …All video’s & collections of Fashion Week view? That can on! Check:! Foto: Peter Stigter

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