Love in the countryside (+ WIN)

Teus, Hans, David, Jochum, Gerrit, Pros, Henk, Jan, French, Martijn, George and Agnes. Just a few names. But the are household names for the fixed followers of the KRO-program farmer wants wife. Many millions of people followed in recent years their experiences in their search for true love. At the é é n went that better and easier than at the other. Where one farmer feel confident and sometimes even too overconfident on the lover’s Lane, not out of embarrassment, the other came almost z \ ‘ n words in front of the ladies. Sit back and relax in the three dvd’s box are a disc the highlights will be shown per season. Starting with the start of the whole process: presenting ten single farmers to the Dutch public. After the five most popular farmers have been chosen, a speed date with ten potential ë le partners, five of which are part of a cozy getaway. This is followed by three participants for a spare week on the farm and ultimately choose the farmer or farmer’s wife for his or her dream man-or woman. Naturally the citytrip and re ü nie with all other participating farmers of the season not on the dvd.

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farmers from season 3

Although the third season is still fresh in the memory, it is nice to see all the clips again. What has stuck with me from the first season especially, his brother Peter and farmer George. Peter knows all his wives in against itself and turns out to have a secret girlfriend outside the program. Joris is adorably shy at first, but believes his dream woman in Paul, the unfortunate lady who by a skiing accident not can come and stay on the farm. In the second season is Jochum the shy farmer, who barely dares to talk to his ladies. Gerrit kiss with one woman, but picks for another and Martijn must make a terrible difficult choice between the two women that to him. The last season has a first with the first farmer’s wife who is looking for a man. That design appears to succeed, but meanwhile the relationship between Agnes and Jurre been pluperfect. French farmers and Henk go rather bumbling with their ladies to, while Jan is no Council knows in that situation. It is nevertheless with most farmers in recent years: there are now eight married, seven live there together, three farmers are about to move in together, four have a LAT relationship, there are five baby’s born and three more on the way. Conclusion: Boer zoekt Vrouw is a é cht success and that evidence also the dvd box, which just is to once again look back on a free afternoon. love in rural areas (+ WIN) farmer wants VrouwUitgegeven by: A-movie running time: 270 minutes Advice age: all ages EAN: 8716777926536WIN! may give away a number of dvd boxes. Mail to, mentioned ” farmer seeks wife ” in the subject and also put in the email your name, address and username on Without registered user name you can unfortunately not join! Only é é n entry per address is accepted. This contest will run until Friday 13 February 9 am

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