Cheap feel-good movies

Feel-good movies have several good features, but in times of credit crises is the cutest that these films are often very marked down after a while! The finest girls movies are available for next to nothing. We present:

gains for your dvd Cabinet.

 Cheap feel-good movies The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants (6.99)  -including Blake Lively, Alexis   BledelIn a special summer will be four for the first time in their lives for the summer it must do without each other. When they go shopping together for the last time, they find in a second-hand-store jeans that fit perfectly turns out to them all. They cited the jeans as a binding agent to be used by him to wear é é n each week, to see if the suit brings happiness and é and w lk him than by sending it to the next in line. Although they are far apart, experienced the girlfriends life, love and sorrow that way anyway as if they are together, during a summer they will never forget. Cheap music_150 .jpeg or feel-good movies  -Sound of Music (8.99) including Julie Andrews AndrewsJulie let the white cloth shine in her role of Mary, the vibrant young woman who leaves the convent to become governess to the seven children of Captain Von Trapp, a dominant widower whose strict household rules leave no room for music and fun.The Notebook (9.99), among other things, Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdamsEen  -experienced  Cheap feel-good movies e man describes from his worn journal an incredibly compelling love story. The young Allie Hamilton is on her holiday hopelessly in love with the handsome Noah Calhoun and they experience an unforgettable summer full of passion and passion. Under pressure from her parents, the two lose sight of each other. As Allie on the point of getting married to the man that her parents approved, stores the doubt far. She chose the love of her life or she chose her parents approval. A near impossible task and … Can she find her Noah? They have after all these years really have such warm feelings for each other or are the memories more beautiful than reality? Cheap feel-good movies Love Actually (6.99)-including Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, Colin FirthLove Actually is not just a romantic comedy … The are actually ten romantic movies in é é n! In the film are several heartwarming and hilarious verhale intertwined, all playing in the contemporary London. These stories don’t end in é é n, but in very many romantic highlights. Cheap feel-good movies The Holiday (6.99)-including Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, Jude LawMaak knowledge with Iris and Amanda, two completely different women with totally different lives. The one lives in a romantic English cottage, the other in a chic neighborhood in Hollywood. They have but é é n thing in common: their eternal bad luck with men. Desperate for an escape from their life, they meet on the internet and they decide, impulsive, from home to home Exchange. They both find what they hadn’t expected to find ever: a new love. They come out that actually a change of address could change your life. Cheap feel-good movies Honey (4.99)-including Jessica AlbaHoney da Silva wait all her life to show the world her dance moves, but all they want to, is just a step too far. then comes her chance of 1 in 1000 in the form of a Director who sees Honey in the club and gives her a chance as back-updanseres. Her talent is clear to see and from that moment on, her dream finally out. She does the choreography for a number of very popular hip hop and r & b songs by Missy Elliot, Jadakiss & Sheek, Tweet and for Honey is it too good to be true. But almost as soon as the dream is mind, he begins to disappear. hill_150 .jpeg Cheap feel-good movies Notting Hill (5.99)  -including Hugh Grant, Julia RobertsEen separated young man, William Thacker, has a book shop somewhere in Notting Hill in London. He sells tourist guides and books full of tourist information. One day he receives a visit from a handsome woman. William does not know that Anna Scott is a celebrated American actress and chance ensures that they meet each other after short time again. Then they make an appointment and so is it that Anna’s going to call to a birthday party at the sister of William. After the party he brings her back to the hotel but there learns Anna that her American fiance for a short visit to London has spilled over. Cheap feel-good movies Serendipity (5.99)  -including Kate Beckinsale, John CusackTijdens the busy Christmas shopping in New York walk Sara and Jonathan accidentally bump into each other in a department store. There a spark jumps directly about it. Between the lights and the snow flakes of Manhattan they have then the evening of their lives. However, they have both a relationship. Sara would like to determine their future fate: if their love is destined, fate brings them back together. Ten years later, the two still haven’t seen each other since that night. They are both about to get married and then saves the doubt far: are they perhaps intended for that alien from ten years ago? Both of them begin a race against time to find the other.  Cheap feel-good movies How To Lose a Guy in Ten Days (8.99)-among others, Kate Hudson, Matthew McConaugheyAls columnist for the trendy magazine Composure get Andie Anderson instructed to first-hand to describe how a man can get rid… Within 10 days! Andie’s target, the sought after single however, meanwhile the boy Benjamin Barry, advertising is going to bet that he can any woman to his finger winds… Within 10 days! The romantic collision between Andie and Benjamin results in a number of hilarious disappointments prove that true love speak your heart. Cheap feel-good movies Cry Baby (4.99)-a.o. Johnny DeppWe are in the fifties with girls, car’s and rock n roll. \ ‘ \ ‘ Cry Baby \ ‘ (Johnny Depp) is the piece of the school, the dream of all girls and the nightmare of all mothers. He leads a fast life with souped-up car’s, crazy friends and brawling. And then he meets Alison (Amy Locane), a rich girl from a neat neighborhood. They are both madly in love and without her mother there can do, anything to get it in the world of \ ‘ Cry Baby \ ‘. A great movie night desired!

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