Win: huishoudbeurs-cards!

The allergezelligste is the ” Salon des Arts Ménagers day out for women. Shopping, attend workshops, performances, everything is possible. There you will also find the latest news and trends in fashion, Care, living, leisure and culinary. And not to forget … h é l é many scholarship offers. Would you like a little atmosphere, view here a short movie of the last edition of the ” Salon des Arts Ménagers.

 WIN: huishoudbeurs-cards! the theme square of the HHB is all about bubbles. A real girlfriends party because girls just wanna have fun \ ‘ \ ‘. To escape from the daily duties and worries. After all, life is seriously enough. No hassle, no kids, no men. Only you and your girlfriends. With bubbles of course!

may 5 x 2 tickets for the household exhibition give away! What should you do? WIN: huishoudbeurs-cards! active members, at least two photo’s uploaded ü pload and at least three girlfriends, make chances for two cards. (Of course you can quickly upload a picture and/or girlfriends invite if you still does not meet the conditions.)

Please answer the following question: what was the theme of the

Huishoudbeurs   last year?

Mail your answer for 10 February to including your login name on and your address information. Winners will be notified personally by email.Would be just as crowded as the household exhibition last year? Are you é é n of those many visitors? was the last year of the party and did special discoveries as the plugin no string and the handy

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