Particular encounters with Nelson Mandela

Who do not know, Nelson Mandela has probably lived in isolation and without TV. But even without stories. And then you have missed something, it is precisely this stories are so special. Writer Martin Kalungu-Banda has several short memories of this particular leader bundled in Leadership lessons from Mandela. No formal and responsible politician, but the memories of chats \ ‘ \ ‘ ordinary people as a driver and train controller. But Leadership lessons of Mandela goes a step further than that. the book also tells us what we can learn from the way Mandela \ ‘ \ ‘ approach to the ordinary person. Example is a story of a man who had a breakfast appointment with Mandela at home. He had to notify the leader over the building of a primary school in the Eastern Cape. When the man was deposed and the driver had to wait outside as usual, Mandela stood out that also the driver would eat at the table. Each reminder in the book gives us food for thought. In Leadership lessons of Mandela is in a separate framework explained what lessons can be drawn from these events. Mandela was a great leader. ” Great leaders see no professions. They see people who exercise a profession. Leaders who touch us to recognize and honor in our soul, people as people, and not because of the tasks they perform ” .Leadership lessons of Mandela is particularly \ ‘ \ snackbaar ‘ by the short and accessible stories. But in addition, history buffs in their little hands squeezing. World leaders often seem out of reach: you come there almost not behind what they really think or feel. Today’s stories are sometimes forgotten and that makes Leadership lessons of Mandela so special: the book gives you a glimpse into the life of Mandela, the person behind the leader.   Leadership lessons from Nelson Mandela Kalungu-Banda, m. 159 pages: Spectrum publishing house ISBN: 90-274-9895-4

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