Queen Beatrix will today announce its abdication?

the people find that Willem-Alexander is ready for it. And the renovation of Drakesteyn Castle, where the Queen will soon go live, is almost finished. All the speculation on one by one. The NIS would be for tomorrow, the day the Queen’s birthday is, extra Jet vehicles have reserved. With such a car can a connect live with all places in the country. The new Church, where Kings and Queens would be crowned, on ‘ crucial dates ‘ failed to reserve are. And de Volkskrant let two reporters write a book about Willem-Alexander. It has to be the Publisher for the summer off. Or earlier, if necessary. Each year, on fixed moments, the rumors, the clues and the calculations. They swell for the birthday of Queen Beatrix, 31 January, and then again for Queen’s day, 30 april. She goes away? Willem-Alexander becomes King this year? Newspapers and television programs ready. updating the portraits and analyses that All the people who know something of the Court, be called again. J z í know something? Readers and viewers notice anything, until the time comes. Tomorrow maybe? The rest of the article is on NRC-Next what do you guys think? Beatrix will stick-finally-transfer to Willem-Alexander?

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