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a time my mother came back with a cd on the come up: ” listen here out! ” I looked at the case and asked: ” Il who-vo? ” ” Il Divo! That’s Italian for male diva, it is an international group of four singers. Accompanied by a symphonic Orchestra reflect well-known pop songs in French, Italian, English, Spanish é n Latin, using opera vocals. ”

Opera vocals … would I find this fun go? My mother told further: ” the idea behind the Group was formed when Simon Cowell (who became known as the \ ‘ \ ‘ common jury member at English-language talent shows) a performance of Con Te Partir ò by Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightmann listened. Cowell enjoyed the combination of the wonderful singing with classical music and decided to poke around an international Quartet meeting. A worldwide search for young singers who want to take part in this challenge had started; After two years was the project finally got around. The group consists of the American tenor David Miller, the Spanish baritone Carlos Mar í n, the Swiss tenor Urs Toni B é ü hler and the French pop singer S bastien Izambard. ”

Hmm, that sounds quite interesting, I decided to give the men a chance. The Group has already released several albums and dvd’s, including Il Divo (200  CD: Il Divo-The Promise 4), Ancora (2005), The Christmas Collection (2005) and Siempre (2006). After a rest period of Il Divo   a year is now back with a brand new album and tour. The newly released album The Promise does what more romantic than the previous Siempre. On the cd you can find songs like   She, The Winner Takes It All (Va Todo Al Ganador), Hallelujah, Amazing Grace and The Power Of Love (La Fuerza Mayor). It takes some getting used to, that I have to confess, but the fact that songs you know well are in a completely different look (think: in a different language and music style) has a refreshing. Il Divo makes no music to put on repeat endlessly, but do know the sensitive chord and deep under your skin to vibrate \ ‘ \ ‘. Phew, delicious! So, the men are also not particularly annoying to watch. It is no wonder that Oprah Winfrey she in her show m ó est and that they the world sing their vocals Arts overflight.

that this is not the first the best \ ‘ is shown by the following facts. For example, did you know that …… S é bastien Izambard in February 2002 appeared in Richard Cocciante’s musical Le Petit Prince, as a Business Man? Before he became part of Il Divo, he also played in several theatre plays such as La Troupe. S é bastien has only one of the Group

no music training.

… URS B hler ü on his fifth al in a Choir sang and violin, clarinet, drums, guitar and learned to play the piano? At the age of 17, he became the lead singer of the heavy metal band Conspiracy; at the same time, he gave music lessons to the Academy for School and Church Music. He later studied in Sweelink Conservatorium Amsterdam and enriched his experience further by priv é take lessons at the Swedish tenor G ö Winbergh stand. Also, he performed at the Salzburg Festival under the direction of Claudio Abbado and he sang in the choir of

de Nederlandse opera.

… David Miller one of the most successful young American singers in the world is? He played roles in many opera’s, such as Romeo in Romeo and Juliet, Alfredo in La Traviata, Tamino in Die Zauberfl to ö and Tony in The West Side Story. Also he performed 6 May 1998, along with other opera singers, for president Bill Clinton in the White House.

… Carlos í n makes his first cd on his Mar 8th? That cd was called The Little Caruso, the cd contains the songs O Sole Mio and Granada. A second cd, My Dear Mother, follows when he is ten. Carlos also sang in various musicals, he was told in Les Mis rables among other things: é (as Marius), The Beauty & The Beast   (though he had to for  CD: Il Divo-The Promise stop in time because of a broken leg), Grease (as Vince Fontaine), El ” Diluvio Que Viene (as The Comming Flood), La Magia De Broadway and Peter Pan. Furthermore, he sang in the movies The Night Before Christmas and the Spanish version of Cinderella, in which he played the role of Prince


Finally, a tip: be sure to listen to one of the earlier albums by the group, the song Unbreak My Heart (Regresa A Mi) is truly sensuous.

for further information, the latest news and tour dates you surf to! 0886973996829Prijs

PromiseIl DivoEAN:: 14.99 the feeling like? In March, the men of Il Divo live in Ahoy, you surf HERE for tickets! You can of course also a nice city trip plans and a concert in an other worldly city books!

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