Makes this cream plastic surgery obsolete?

according to Body Wish, providing the products of Bio-essence on the Dutch market, the Bio-essence Face lifting cream also here a best seller. The cr è me can both be used at night in the morning if \ \ and is part of a complete range of anti wrinkle products. So there is a soft, gel-like scrub (Skin White Revitalizing Exfoliator), which reduces the skin thoroughly cleans and pori ë n. And the Deep Cleansing Milk is also suitable to remove makeup. All products are enriched with patented Pine Pollen (fine grains that are derived from the flowers of pine tree), that as natural antioxidants nutrition offer of amino acids, vitamins and enzymes that help the skin to prevent signs of aging. tested the Face lifting cream of Bio-essence, the cr è me that promises to improve the skin’s elasticity and firmness, while the skin remains soft and supple also. This would be less visible fine lines and double chins. The result of a week of doping would even arguably be on display: with the attached measuring tape you can measure the size of your face and thus find proof for the disappearance of excess skin folds. If you make the Face lifting cream on face and neck, feel a tingly feeling of freshness. The soft, easy spreadable cream is ideal for warm summers. At the same time, you get the unmistakable feeling that pulls the skin tight-a feeling which I normally associate with a dehydrated skin that is crying out for moisturizer. Since I have a rather sensitive skin, I fear after doping for a disfiguring and itchy allergic reaction. But in the seven days I Bio essence Face lifting cream use, there is no SAH to see on my skin. Whether Bio-essence their promises come true, is hard to answer. Complex procedures with measuring tapes, let me, in the absence of double chin, but not taken. My facial skin appears tighter and feels stiffer and dryer to unfortunately. Or wrinkles and fine lines less visible, I can not identify. In my area are only my suddenly what red cheeks noted. This seems to me so no skin care product for women with (for instance) Rosacea. Incidentally contains the Face lifting cream no protection factor, allowing the use if è me dagcr not recommended. According to the Dutch importer of Bio-essence products contain natural ingredients, but the package leaflet of basisingredi ë Face lifting cream let see the necessary chemical additives. Also a claim that the product was not tested on animals is questionable, because Bio-essence is not included in the guide with non-animal cosmetics. Anyway, all this is still no reason to è the antirimpelcr knife swap to the botox and face lift.

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Bio essence Face lifting cream \ ‘ \ ‘ is in Netherlands available via Body Wish and costs ¤ 49, 95 per pot of

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