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Pfaff and his wife Marleen van der Loo, who in Footloose Kim-Lians colleague is, after years are rewarded for waiting for a child. They got Liene. Behind the scenes of Footloose life just by. The 28-year-old musical star Kim-Lian chuckles: ” trust me, I have that ball tossed up many times. But Daniel would like our children our wedding experience aware. ”

eight months after the birth of daughter Ronja, last June, it is clear to whom the girl seems. Kim: ” her looks she has of her father but she has my character! Last was the child of Ronja together with Marleen van der Loo and Jeroen Pfaff on the bank. She was very excited to play and suddenly the small wanted to grasp them! ”

For Kim is a sure thing, at Ronja will not continue. ” I want many children. But these only comes about a year or two. For the time being I focus back on musicals. ” In the musical Footloose, which just in premi è re going, Kim plays a pastors daughter who falls in love with a city boy, played by William Spaaij. She notes: ” The really are two different worlds that come together. On the shelves, I am a puberend girl, but between the companies by I’m going to take a quick look to the cradle and I am again mother. A very strange switch actually. Fortunately I get help of a nanny. Still, I’m not really changed since the birth of Ronja. Of course I’m concerned, but I feel no é chte moeke. ”

Her colleague William

, standing next to Kim plays the lead role in the musical, the two baby’s in the background is best. It tells: ” I can get along very well with children, would later also be father. But for the time being is Footloose my baby, haha! ” Kim added: ” last week were you there when Ronja first crawled. ” William: ” That was a nice moment Yes. ”

Kim has it happened. In addition to motherhood and Footloose presents them the national Kids TV at Jetix é n she found time to write a song for the group is Faith. Kim: ” the song is called Mixed feelings that I have sung. It’s about a girl who is in love with two guys at the same time. Or is it autobiographical? Let’s say I me if adolescent enough have burned, haha! ”

even though plays Kim in Footloose a puberend girl, in reality it is the energetic musical star a tad traditional. All sounds lovely, she says: ” I would like to be asked by Daniel ë n on his knee to get married. For that matter I’m pretty old fashioned. ” Also they already know exactly how her dream wedding looks like. ” We are getting married in the Swedish Gotland, in my eyes the most beautiful spot on Earth. And if you are lucky, it becomes a wedding in medieval style and we give each other for an old ru ï

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