AIFW: Mada van Gaans

Mada van Gaans, now in Netherlands but far outside our borders has made name, is known for her feminine and romantic clothing. Also her substance use, portability and innovation in

be praised her designs.

 AIFW: Mada van Gaans known and unknown Dutch people walk with her way and many of them were also present at the show: model Yfke Sturm, fashion journalist Fiona Hering (track of the show isn’t she?), singer Elize, hosts Bridget Maasland and Nikki Plessen, actress Hanna Verboom (dressed in a big, black mannenjas incomprehensible) and Glamour-editor Karin Swerink.

However, The show of Friday there was é

é n with a futuristic touch, other than that we have come to expect of Mada. At each of its collections, seems they want to convey a message. This show carried the title Au bord de la nuit//\ ‘ \ ‘, which in French/\ ‘ on the edge of the night/\ ‘ means. The difference between day and night formed the basis of her collection for the fall/winter of this year.

just like the collections of many other domestic and foreign designers, the show seemed of Mada van Gaans//\ ‘ \ ‘ to be recession-proof. Her tops, dresses, pants suits and skirts were mostly  AIFW: Mada van Gaans performed in gloomy, dark colors combined with Silver metallic, white and copper tones. And this is in contrast to the fashion that dominates this spring and this summer, with a lot of colors are used (and which collections are still designed for the entry of the economic crisis…). Hanna Verboom, who sat near me during the show and where I end so quickly but on dismount, found the collection of Mada/ ” this year is very different from what we are used to, but very innovative/ ” .

E é n dress jump look like next to all black and white clothes. With a golden yellow cocktail dress with shiny sequins seems to say this: despite the Mada dark of night there is always a bright spot in the darkness.

all video/’s & collections of Fashion Week view? That can on!Check:!

picture 1: Rianne KoornFoto 2 & 3: Peter Stigter (

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