AIFW: Addy van den Krommenacker

to Saturday January 31st, because when got the man who got standing ovations during the Fashion Week in Rome, finally got the chance to prove himself in Amsterdam. And I got to be there. What I expect? Gala! Fashion director of AvantGarde Bastiaan van Schaik said it all:/ ” do you have a red carpet moment? Go to Addy!/ ”   do that Dutch actresses and society women so also massively. Hence, the front row at the westergasfabriek is filled by, among other things, Lieke van Lexmond, Daphne Deckers and Maryanna by Reeden. Lieke in company of boyfriend Mark van Eeuwen that I suspect that he, above all, for love of Mary and the  AIFW: Addy van den Krommenacker \ secretly finds a bit boring. Sweet! Of course, fashionista/’s Fiona Hering and Bastiaan van Schaik also present, plus a whole range of (mainly GTST-) soapies and none other than Rob de Nijs. but anyway, enough about BN-ers, watch/’s talk about the show! The collection that Addy today is showing is a combination between haute couture and pr ê t-à ê t-à-porter, or pr-couture, as Addy the himself calls. He describes his collection as a fifties-look with years/\ ‘ 80-gravy over it. That promises what!Something more than fashionably late, namely three quarters of an hour later than scheduled dimming the lights and POPs Duffy/’s Rain On Your Parade from the speakers. Addy has dedicated the entire show to his favorite singer. Model number 1 goes the specular catwalk and I am immediately impressed. She wears a short dress consisting of big black sequins. I don’t get what Addy mean; It is classic, but still a bit spicy.  AIFW: Addy van den Krommenacker \ all models wear their hair tightly back in a top knot and their lips are colored with a wine red lipstick. It gets me clear very quickly that there is nothing to this fashion show experimenteels. The only thing Addy wants is make women look as beautiful as possible. And let that well could be right we women also want.Italian fashion journalists thanked Addy with its innovative look at traditional haute couture, its unique use of substances and the refinement and detailing of his designs. And I don’t get them at all! Each creation that comes along is the ultimate in feminine, chic, graceful and refined. I see long, elegant, chic prom dresses in which I me a contemporary Cinderella would feel, but also short snappy dresses I so on a night dancing in Jimmy Woo to would. In addition to dresses, there are also great coats over.The details that Addy has made in his creations are fantastic. I am regularly surprised by a nice backless and the models turn around. Also very special are the z  AIFW: Addy van den Krommenacker \ wierige dresses with overall prints. These dresses are ultra thin and printed with entire forests or the NYC skyline. The creations received applause from the room, as well as the dresses with drag that by air behind the models

to flit.

every now and then some prints and somewhat stuffy suits along to the Ans Markussen to appease Rabbani in the Hall and Sandra. It is especially the portable dresses with surprising sleeves and rugaccenten, but also the elegant chic prom dresses that managed to appease me.Half an hour there is an end to the show and walk the catwalk to a deserved standing ovation Addy himself receiving it. Dreaming about all those creations in my wardrobe I go home. Addy has gotten at least a fan at é é!All video/’s & collections of Fashion Week view? That can on!Check:! Photo/’s: Rianne Kala

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