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turns out not so easy in a crowded family, as it turns out. The cd doesnt live up to the name Mariposa (butterfly), the fluttering all over the place. usually I listen solid rock or grunge music during all my daily activities, but this music quickly disappears into the background. I have to really sit down so. It’s got to be something spiritual, and at the same time, something South American and classic. The ultimate mishmash. After three listening sessions I’m still not linger longer than a song or three. Not that it’s really bad music is, but it doesn’t do anything with me, I get no feeling at. I also really have no idea what the music projects. Any song would be about love, but also about the beauty of the rainforest or an unexpected death. The music betrays no specific emotion. The title the Jezebel spirit sounds intriguing, but the song itself could have had any other title. The numbers are for each other redeemable for that matter. For lovers of Enigma and Enya, I think it is a good choice. Also as lounge music, with an original touch. Funny thing is that my children very nice find, therefore I decide to go to listen again, sitting on the couch, while they are playing. None of the numbers appear on each other, not in terms of style and also not in terms of feeling. There are two incomprehensible covers on, This is not america by David Bowie, and The man with The child in his eyes ” by Kate Bush. Neither will add to the original and as far as I am concerned there had not on things could have been different. The songs on this cd vari ë ren by oersaai to really pretty nice. When listening to Mariposa will get soon visions of vast landscapes and waterfalls, but also of therapeutic clubs where people embrace trees. The music seems to me especially suitable during an hour of yoga, or to muse if you wonderful in bath is located. As long as you’re there but not too much on have to concentrate, and it also not purely to the music goes. Background music so. But

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