Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest: no topper


hear, see and then some inveterate fans and so \ ‘ n bit the Netherlands not very warm half gay scene seems to run for the annual Eurovision Song Contest. Cries if \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘ Sycophancy, favouritism!! \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘ ridiculous and bad songs are almost inextricably connected with this event. The expectations of the eccentric Toppers are therefore on the one hand high, on the other hand, a little cynical. First hear, see and then believe.

Nothing nieuwsZowel

hearing as seeing traps. Of course, Ren é, Gordon and Jeroen energetic as always, but the extreme that the Toppers to as \ a unique concept makes, is missing. However, the public entertained just fine. Also striking is that here the exuberant fancy dress are limited. In addition, all six songs pretty dime a dozen. So begins Everybody Can Be a Star (a inzendin  National Song festival: no topper g by Ferdi Bolland, Ruud de Wild and Jeroen k.k.) with a screaming Gordon à la Sugar Baby Love, a song he previously covered by The Rubettes. Three Is The Magic Number would not sound wrong in a cartoon as Pok mon é.

kindjeDat the so-called jury unanimously

Gordons goes for Angel Of The Night is inevitable: that number has a little power and seems the least on the rest. The Dutch public, however, decided otherwise and go on to win slot song Shine. The top ones prove itself here huge happy with it, especially Gordon is hit. Later shows why: he has written the text of the song itself, under the pseudonym Ger van de Westelaken. woordNa

come the end of the show to the Toppers Mr euphoric the VIP area, where press and guests along. During the press conference shows that the especially Gordons dream is that come true. In any case, he finds it wonderful that they’re in Moscow. After a tough period, in which the both with his health as his private life é not tasty went, he gets here so much energy that he feels much can continue. é

Ren thinks the top ones a good contribution to the polishing of the Eurovision Song Contest-image. ” If you look at all the press that coming alone, then we are still busy. ” He tells that they will do their best to present themselves abroad. There are enough invitations from European tv channels to a few weeks to be under the pans.


stresses the silver-colored YMCA-outfit at the end of the show not to have picked out myself, but it fits now all at Shine. He can not tell if there an outfit has come over tonight, which will be carried also in Moscow.

after the press conference the champagne and there is a party atmosphere, but also this year we will not blow down Europe. Who knows our Toppers can still impress you with somewhat hysterical outfits and a spectacular show. Though the chances are the concept \ ‘ \ ‘ only in own country The Toppers works … National Song festival: no topper

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