How four you know Valentine’s day?

how extensive you celebrate Valentine’s day?  how four you know Valentine's Day? Simone ” it usually stays at a tag, but sometimes we give   be something small to each other, such as perfume. It doesn’t have to be something very big, such as expensive jewelry. I see a whole day celebrating Valentine not be. I like to celebrate, such as dining out, but not too exuberant. I am, however, once a weekend taken to the Hague, that was again very nice! ”

 how four you know Valentine's Day? Lianne ” my boyfriend and I do not   really to Valentine’s day, only when it comes out. Why would you celebrate it only on that day and the other days of the year? As my friend and I want something fun to do today, then we do that. I find surprises always nice but not special on that day. That should not be the   only reason to do something together to give each other something or     be   I often buy Anyway. something small for my friend … ” tell how you

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