Back in time with NKOTB!

New Kids On The Block

shall be construed as \ the world’s first-ever boyband. In the late eighties/early nineties they paved the way for boys groups like Take That, Boyzone and Westlife. Their popul  back in time with NKOTB! arity was unheard of in size. In that period the Group was good for so \ ‘ n 200 concerts a year, a record for that time. They sold more than 80 million albums worldwide. To celebrate the comeback last year was also a new album of \ ‘ The Kids \ ‘ released: The Block.

during the performance in a well-stocked Heineken Music Hall was the public ready for it: the only real comeback by h ú n group. That audience existed except some new fans were mainly of thirty-somethings, that were in for an evening of pure nostalgia. At the NKOTB you know in advance that you have a great show gets served up with lots of vocal Fireworks.  

the Group was good for hits like Step By Step, Hangin \ ‘ Tough and Tonight. These and many other songs came over during the performance of Jordan and Jonathan Knight, Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg and Danny Wood.  back in time with NKOTB! the enthusiasm was still in the band, which apart from their singing also prove their dancing skills still not lost his touch. Danny Wood has always been one of the best dancers of the group. During Games, he left an extra piece of his see to the breakdance Arts publi  back in time with NKOTB!


regaled the NKOTB fans at the Amsterdam concert on a serving pure show with all the trimmings. The \ ‘ \ ‘ Kids walk itself now nice direction forty, so they have their jeans from then swapped for shirts, ties and neat trousers. For many people it must have been a nostalgic evening. So many times have the New Kids On The Block not in Netherlands occurred. Following the world tour is moreover the new album The Block, which also passed a number of songs the revue. Could this be the start of a longer second NKOTB-carri è re or just a one-time comeback? Time will tell.The BlockNew Kids On The BlockEAN: 0602517835702Prijs:

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