Take That the circus that is called

I can me the images still remember like it was yesterday: hysterical and crying fans – mainly young girls-at the last performance of Take That in the TV-Show of Ivo Niehe. Also in my immediate environment there are a number of people a few weeks not to console. After Take That Start Gary and Mark know in a fairly successful solocarri è re, which, however, to the mega success of their former colleague Robbie Williams. Jason focuses on acting and Howard gets success as a dj. In september 2006, Take That all of a sudden back again … and successfully. Both the single Patience as the album Beautiful World be well received. Also the maps for the associated tour go like hot cakes over the counter. The successful comeback causes the gentlemen into the studio again, which The circus is the result. What I immediately noticed is that Gary Barlow no longer takes on all vocals. Mark Owen has in Hello, Julie and Up all night received the lead vocals. That it all some more up-tempo numbers, is solid no accident.

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The opening track The garden sounds listening for the first time, still a bit soft, but I’m going to after a few listening sessions getting better appreciate it. Personally I have not so much with the first single Greatest day, but Said it all speaks directly to me. This song makes me incidentally very reminiscent of Coldplay. The ballads on the album are generally well put together, but are not naturally this is really innovative. The valve Hold up a light is nice and cheerful and it is recommended that the cd then continue to let it run: the hidden track She said she wanted to dance is just plain fun. I myself have never had a lot as a teenager, my music taste with boybands – and is – was different though. The songs of Take That I could still appreciate at the time, to me reason enough to for the first time a cd of this band to listen to. It is clear that at the time now have become the idols of real men, also in terms of music. I have The circus must first listen a couple of times, before I could form a good opinion on. My conclusion: the more often you hear the songs, the better they work. Take That can still see that a couple of years. That is also evident from the ticket sales for the UK tour: the concerts were all sold out within a few hours.  Take That the circus that is called Circus Take That Label: Polydor Records running time: 46 minutes EAN: 0602517919907

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