Review: Make it Happen

Dance movies are immensely popular. Just think of Dirty Dancing, Honey, Save the Last Dance and Step Up. Make it Happen is the newest addition and follows in principle the concept of Save the Last Dance. Girl goes to the big city to make her dream come true, she comes in a completely different world and eventually everything comes  Review: Make it Happen well. This standard story is used in many movies, which of course does not mean that those movies in advance


Make it Happen should concentrate mainly by the danssc è nes. That’s where an awful lot in the film, they are often spectacular and very well. The story line? Paper thin, boring and predictable. The acting skills are not very good (that of lead actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead after), the story has no depth and the characters are totally not worked out. But you don’t have to, it is a dance film.

 Review: Make it Happen so, do you like above dance films, then Make it Happen definitely an entertaining movie with separate dance styles and good music. But for the storyline you do really not to do so.Make it Happen is to see from 5 February

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