National Restaurant Week 2009

a chic location for a festive occasion; we celebrate namely kick off the fifth edition of the National Restaurant Week. The phenomenon is in   two years grown tremendously, from 25 participating restaurants in Amsterdam, to 660 participating restaurants throughout the country, including 36 restaurants with Michelin stars.

the man behind …Attention for anything the genial man who has introduced the Restaurant Week in Netherlands ge ï. That is, in fact, Jeroen van den Brink (34). In 1998 he started the website, the first Dutch online restaurant guide. There is still no idea of having that the company eleven years later also offices in Antwerp, Rome, Paris, Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore would have. In 2007, Jeroen the very first Restaurant Week, in order to get more name recognition for When there were a total of 10,000 place settings are offered, which were sold out within 3.5 hours to Brad’s great surprise. Jeroen and his buddies were flabbergasted and decided the Diningcity-six months later to address a lot bigger. And so it is on the point that this year on 2-8 March as many as 250,000 people can enjoy an evening of culinary in each province of Netherlands.

The Restaurant Week?An unprecedented success! For those who do not yet know the concept of the Restaurant Week: during this week you will have the chance to for only 25 euro to three-course dinner at top restaurants. For a 3-course lunch you pay 20 euros. There is 10 euro surcharge per Michelin star asked. Do not charge! When you get well the chance to for 35 euros to dine in a s  National Restaurant Week 2009 terrenrestaurant? Unfortunately that chance even during Restaurant Week, small … Get priority actions by certain people. In order to get a place in a star restaurant should you so very luck have. But fortunately, there are many more chic restaurants, where you otherwise would not go as soon go also.Jeroen makes it a habit to introduce something new each year. The news of this year: for 25 euros you will be brought to your restaurant includes champagne in a limousine é n picked up again at the end of the evening. Small fishing boat arrangement … this price is calculated on the

8 persons.

Press kick-off, delicious!During the kick-off in the Amstel Hotel we already get the hang of it. The champagne we toast on the kickoff is divine, as are the wines that follow. And then the amuses of the six existing Star chefs, including Roger Rassin of La Rive… Guinea fowl with roasted garlic, veal cheek with liver, oysters and all kinds of other delights that look like works of art, we must take to us. With a dessert consisting of a combination of various forms of white chocolate. In é é n word: Mmmm …

and now hotfix to Restaurant Week to book! Have you a table booked?

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