You save also invented the supermarket?

The Manager of the French

the book Anna Sam is for me a feast of recognition. After years of a blog to have maintained about her experiences behind the cash register, she decided to join this adventure in a book. This produces a number of particularly amusing chapters on. She describes her work as if they were you must act. They’ll give you tips on how to communicate with difficult customers should and what is indispensable if you all day in front of the cash register is: a roll of paper towels. Because do you know how often a customer grabs you in the muck? Don’t think to a leaking carton of milk, but to, for example, a hefty dollop of nose waste. I personally found it quite disturbing when I had customers to my cash register ringing. Because you know how it feels like you’re trying to indicate how expensive something is and that person you just as troublesome fly see? Or worse: think you’re an automatic ticket machine you will just ignores. I also make sure I stop call if I come at the cash register. Also Anna has its own way to that call customers \ ‘ punish \ ‘: ” I decide to award him no TotziensPrettigeDagNog. You grab them back where you can. ” With a lot of humor gives Anna the most funny answers to the stupidest questions. Common question to a cash register miss is: ” are you open? ” Anna then simply replies: ” I don’t, but my checkout though. ” Another frequently asked question: ” did you sit waiting for me? ” Anna: ” Of Course! In fact, I began to be worried! ” And then you have the customers who think they are on the market and can haggle: ” if I love ben, you calculate then a nice price? ” Anna is not chests: ” what would you prefer: two or three times as expensive? ” And finally, one that undoubtedly you’ve used: ” I will put more to work! ” Anna: ” don’t bother, I still prefer it. ” Or, if she really is: ” that will not work, I sit here for the form. ” Delicious answers I would have liked to use in my time as k è re. Even if you don’t k è re are, or have been, then, the book is a feast of recognition. As I’m sure you recognize your own customer behavior in the situations that Anna describes. And then you become equally with your nose pressed to the facts that it’s just sometimes not so fun that little box to sit, where you constantly are faced with customers who chagarijnig from their work. And you think twice before you take fingers in your nose. A nice book to read, it’s guaranteed chuckle! save you also invented the supermarket? The publishing house KassiereSam, a. 155 pages Artemis ISBN: 9789047200819

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