New trend: ZUMBA Fitness!

Sporty and lose weight! Intentions which many of us may have already specified. It is also very difficult to all who delights to stay off. Don’t be worry, the resort is now coming up. The Colombian fitness trainer Alberto Perez has everyone addicted to his latest discovery, Zumba! All over America does this; from young to old, but also  new trend: ZUMBA Fitness! the celebrities are hitting this fun way of sports. After a few weeks you will see all the difference:

weight loss and a killer body.

Ehhh … Zumba?Zumba that won’t move fast and having fun \ ‘ means, is a combination of fitness and dance moves on swinging latin music. Salsa, Flamenco and Merengue, it all comes over. Each lesson is one big party, as a result, you notice there is nothing that you are exercising. It knows no difficult choreography and is suitable for anyone who loves dance. Zumba is now in more than 35 countries and this number is increasing by the day.

a Zumba lesson…During the warming up you become equal pulled along by the uplifting music sounds from Latin America. Up-tempo and slow rhythms alternate. It looks like you are ended up in sunny Colombia. The seductive hip movements and short dance combinations include  new trend: ZUMBA Fitness!

easy to follow.

Zumba is addictive and asks for more. Each lesson guarantees an unforgettable workout. With a broad smile you will look forward to the next lesson.

sports has never been this much fun!

are your senses and want to join to this fantastic sport? Please check out for Zumba classes near you.Click here for more info & videos about Zumba and here you will find a link

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