What you give with Valentine?

M & M’s with personal message  what you give with valentine? you may wonder who makes you happier with it, your lover or yourself, but it’s something different than the usual tag: M & M’s with your personal text on it! Extra fun is that your real \ ‘ \ ‘ love colours can choose, for example, all pink and red M & M’s, you can order your M & M’s on http://www.mymms.nl/.


say it with … music!Is your lover h é l é sweet and you have some money left this month, go for a love red iPod with some favorite songs of you together on it. To make the extra personal, you leave a beautiful text engraving on his iPod. A line from  what you give with valentine? you want, a personal message … It can be free when you buy your iPod in the online Apple store. Love & lachenKrijg you the jitters at just the thought of fresh juicy dinners by candlelight? Grab it different this year and book a ‘ Kiss-a-licious Package \ ‘ at comedy theater Boom Chicago on the Leidseplein in Amsterdam. An evening of Boom Chicago is already recommended, but the slightly different on 14 February to address them. Apart from a 3-course-dinner, a custom show, unlimited beer, fresh and wine is there a hilarious kuspresentatie given by Professor Acid mouth … Boom Chicago claims that this presentation makes everyone into a real Kiss-prof! To Make A Reservation? Check out the website


 what you give with valentine? With you I would want to eat a beschuitje…Or a bagel! Valentine’s day falls on Saturday this year. Enough time for most so so to sleep and then breakfast on bed sharing. Bagels & Beans in Amsterdam, Badhoeverdorp, Amstelveen and Lands more delicious breakfasts. Do you live there now not, Google then once for a breakfast service in your neighborhood. You can also remain good, the 14th…The love of the man …Well, that still goes through the stomach. You can break your head over the most original, weird, wacky gifts, but you’re doing him a huge favor if you share his culinary treats. Is to keep both of you sawed off and eating out of cooking, go get busy and take him on cooking class! Check out on Google for www.kookfabriek.nl or something near you.  what you give with valentine? can send a ticket Message in a bottleJe, always sweet, but you can also transfer a message per bottle! On www.flessenpost.nl you can all by itself determine the style and content of your bottle. On the note inside, do you put your personal message. For example, you can invite him appropriately to go along to a rented priv é-island … Check out

www.lakonia.be for more information.

Lastly …Men remain men. Those who I have asked to their wishes, said actually all the same: ” it doesn’t play so join us. A simple tag is all fun. Or wait … a tv. Or no, a striptease! HM, dilemma! ” In other words: make yourself above all not too difficult!

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