In the spotlights: Mari Jolene

How does your ideal day look like? At the top of the mountains, walking and viewing the world from a certain height. See everything on one day: the rain, the Sun, the wind, the snow, Rainbows, clouds, stars, heat and cold. That’s my ultimate day: look how beautiful the world is and be happy you part of mag (!!!) make.What’s your ultimate dream? That I should be happy in life are, in one way or another.What is your biggest passion? Surely my biggest passion is dancing and singing, make theatre. It is the nature of my beast, no escape.What is your best feature? I am a go-getter. In addition, I can give a lot to people and for them through the fire.What’s your worst feature? I’m impatient. In addition, I am very hard on myself.Who admire you? I admire a lot of people. You could argue that I have a lot of appreciation for everything and everyone who acts from his or her heart, so as to serve others.What’s your life motto? Follow your heart and soul and stay true to yourself.Where do you get your inspiration from? I get inspiration from the world around me, the people and my dreams. Also, I look at the work of others to see how someone else dealt with something is. What is in his or her head sat. That way I can see what is possible with the ideas that in my own head.Where do you believe in? I believe that anything is possible. The will power a person can possess to do something or to continue, may be larger than we can contain. Fate plays a large role, but every day you have a chance to determine how or which path you want to achieve or go down this fate.What would you like to want to read? The stories of women who through their confidence in their idea or act, have achieved something ë n what a Grand has brought about change. This seems to me very interesting.Read also the interview with Marjolein about Man of la Mancha!

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