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Singles Travel most frequently in the summer and prefer to choose for a distant tour or sunny beach holiday. Both destination and trip type remain the principal selection criteria, but also the single-status of the fellow travelers should not be smoothed out. Active and cultural tours are also popular at the Bachelor, in contrast to language travel and spiritual holidays. Most of the single people spend around 1000 euro to a 14-day trip. NMK digits of the online travel magazine Single2Travel. Favorite singlereisBij searching for the ideal single trip watching the single not only to the destination according to the survey on ê. Also the type of travel (challenging, relaxed, cultural, active) turns out to be a very important criterion. In addition to the distant tours and beach vacations do also the active and cultural  Singles travel preferably far! travel it well. In total, they account for 54% of the desired holidays. The single has clearly reduced the need for spiritual travel, diving holidays, camping or a language holiday. Creative holidays do it slightly better. The summer remains by far the most favorite travel period (39%), followed by spring (21%).Holiday criteria & medereizigersNaast selection criteria as destination and trip type, is 13 percent of the singles it’s also important that the other travellers in the Group actually being single. They prefer not have come up with another partner at home individuals will sit. To a defined age group by 10 percent of the singles highly value as well as to the price. Information prior to travel is also clear they find important. An equal male/female distribution is an essential criterion for 7 percent during the selection, but about the educational level of the fellow travelers makes only 3 percent are concerned. Price and toeslagWat is the single as willing to pay for a fortnight holiday? So \ ‘ n 36 percent has between 1000 and 1500 euro for a group tour by two weeks. They are followed closely by another 35 percent that says   to want to spend between 500 and 1000. To budget travel is obviously also need because 10 percent want to spend up to 500 euro. In the more expensive segment has 4 per cent between the 1500 and 2000 euro about  Singles travel preferably far! for a single trip and another 5 percent can afford to book a vacation of over 2000 euro. The single supplement is for 8 percent of the singles still a thorn in the eye and often a reason to look any further.TegenvallersDe organization and guidance during the single holidays according to 12 per cent of respondents still needs some improvement. They found this most frequently disappointing. At a other not the kind of fellow travelers fell 11 percent in the taste and also the age relationship within the group could not appeal to the same percentage. Furthermore it was according to 10 percent of the ge ë nqu ê reported the M/f ratio in the group not on order. The least criticism came there on the destination, which met at virtually everyone lived up to expectations. Source: Single2Travel. en

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