Laughing with French in banana split


French   was a guest on the Friday evening discourses Mathijs van Nieuwkerk in De Wereld Draait Door. There were already a number of short movies presented, in which, among other things, Ali B and Dries roelvink were taken heavily in the grind. However not everyone was happy with French as Joker. Chris Zegers has banned the recordings of his embarrassing moment to broadcast. He would be screwed out during a visit to the hairdresser. A woman, who sat in the conspiracy, Chris was pissed off that a cigarette in the case. Exactly how it has ended, is not clear. Frans Bauer could at least palatable to laugh to pleasure of Mathijs van Nieuwkerk. He was told that the Dries roelvink new Topper was. ” But those Toppers joke is really good. Since I have even a night of waking up located. Maris said: \ ‘ Please Go lie on the couch, because I can’t take any more \ ‘, ” says French. banana split will immediately get the presentation debut of the singer are. The series is Sunday at 20.20 hours broadcast on Netherlands 1.

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