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do you think of going out, then you think of course to Amsterdam! Our capital has enough bars and clubs to make you a great evening… No idea where to go? Here are some tips!Hip with a capital H do you feel at their best between beautiful people, hip Interior, the latest cocktails and you’re not doorbitch ï ntimideerd by a parki? The following clubs and bars at all something for you …

Jimmy Woo Jimmy Woo Amsterdam already 2 years is a success in the entertainment world. Thanks to the strict door policy remains Jimmy Woo exclusive and may be a bit overrated. But é n é thing is certain: the club looks great. Psst: For BN \ ‘ ers spotting can be well spent!Jimmy Woo-18Supperclub Cruise Ü Korte Leidsedwarsstraat ber hip is this sailing variant of the famous Supperclub. Lying on the lounge sofas-with a relaxed tune in the background-you can eat and drink and later with the dance floor!Supperclub-Pier 14 (behind Central Station) chocolate bar The Chocolate Bar is a trendy bar with a sixties and seventies Interior in the popular Amsterdam neighbourhood De Pijp. This bar is the place to be for people who love self catering tents and of beautiful people watching.Chocolate bar-1e van der Helststraat 62a Palladium at the Leidseplein is the trendy caf é Palladium, where you regularly see walk over. \ ‘ ers BN Don’t look surprised if there on Friday a strict doorbitch is at hand.Palladium-Kleine Gartmanplantsoen 7  

MS Stubnitz

Hip and creative the MS Stubnitz was formerly used as a kolentransport vessel for GDR-fisheries fleet and now only serves as a floating cultural stage for music and live performances. Are frequently violent techno/acid/electro-parties gegeven.MS Stubnitz-15Canvas on the 7th Neveritaweg Canvas is a new caf é/restaurant/club on the top floor of the former building of the Volkskrant on the Wibautstraat. It has a spectacular panoramic view of the entire city and many fun and crazy parties!Canvas op de 7e-Wibautstraat 150TWSTd TWSTd is a small dj-caf é where people come together to make good music and listening to it. TWSTd dj contest each year organizes an international that talented dj’s from around the world to our main city. With Queen’s day gives TWSTd always awsome parties!23 E é n 157Wolvenstraat twstd Weteringschans of the nicest cafés of Amsterdam. Hip, art, urban; There is here a very diverse audience and yet the atmosphere very friendly. The friendly service ensures that you at home.. Also nice are the wall-  changing exhibitions can be admired.Wolvenstraat 23  

Casual Is that super trendy not so up to you spent, do you think it’s more fun to go out of your roof in a relaxed environment full of friendly people? Then you can pay a visit to the following clubs and pubs…

Hotel Arena Hotel Arena is a complex in which various parts are United; (The hotel) tostay, Todrink, Todine (the caf é) (the restaurant) and of course Tonight (the club). In the last super fun parties are regularly organized … Hotel Arena is nicely decorated, not too big and nice public.Hotel Arena-\   51Paradiso Paradiso’s-gravesandestraat is undoubtedly the pop temple of Netherlands. Paradiso is in an old church just steps away from the Leidseplein in Amsterdam. Find weekly in Paradiso a large number of events and activities take place. In addition, there are also the regular club nights.Paradiso-Weteringschans 6-8Ook the Galaxy, Sugar Factory and Dam square are nice clubs. It depends on very from what kind of party is there. Keep so the program!Weber Weber is a friendly, cosy and nicely decorated Café on the Marnixstraat (near the Leidseplein). Weber is trendy, but the atmosphere is casual! Also the Lux, that practically next to is, is worth it!Marnixstraat 397

Nice error every now and then you just need one error do. .. Wrong wrong wrong pub, with music and people. Sense to zero in and listen for yourself! That can be found here:

Jackson foutheid Jackson Birthday anniversary is the pinnacle of: the music, the decor, the people … You feel an apr s-ski bar è to enter. Yet you can experience great nights here. This is not about who walk around in Gucci; just good drinks, crazy do and party. Da’s also fine occasionally …Jacob

Reguliersdwarsstr Birthday-108-114 Bubbles Bubbles is insanely wrong, but then again it may not. The decor and music are awful, but this tent is full of \ ‘ \ ‘ hip people. Bubbles is at all associations super popular and it is always packed (really a hockey party-vibe). Do you feel like in a bad night, but pretty boys in blouses to look, then this is the tent for you!CAF é Bubbles-Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 90-92Club NL for a nice error night but not too wrong, you need to go to Club NL. In what way has a whores closet and everyone leaves here go. Unlike the other wrong clubs and bars is not of that awful wrong music, but it is tasty here   \ ‘ \ ‘   club music turned. You see here also often BN \ ‘ ers a ‘ error \ ‘ night experience!Club NL-Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 169Amsterdam is a great city to go out and as you can read you can going out very good ‘ tuning ‘ mood your \ \. And so am I doing that too … One evening all spruced up to a fancy club, the other evening vague conversations with interesting browsing the net’s and é é n do crazy once in a while in a ‘ wrong \ ‘ tent … Everything is possible in Amsterdam!

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