Win: 3 DVD’s with Renée Zellweger

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Ren plays the role of Lucy Hill, a businesswoman from sunny Miami. She loves the beautiful things in life: shoes, cricket carri è re making. As Lucy asked for a temporary job in Minnesota in order to promote  , she takes the choice. Her life is going to take a whole different turn only if they are in this cold town a nice man (Harry Connick Jr.) come across.  WIN: 3 DVD's with Renée zellweger

are you so \ ‘ a fan of this actress and would you like to the dvd’s The Bachelor, Miss Potter and Chicago have in your closet, then join the contest, because They  . nl may be a package with these three films giving away! What should you do? members only, minimum 2 photo’s uploaded ü pload and at least 3 girlfriends, make chances for a dvd package. (Of course you can quickly upload a picture and/or girlfriends invite if you still does not meet the conditions.)Please answer the following question: By what movie in 1996 broke Ren é e

in the movie world really?

Mail your answer for 18 February naar with your login name on and your address information. Winners will be notified personally by email.New in Town   runs from 12 February in Dutch cinemas!

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