DVD: Sisterhood o/t Traveling Pants 2

it is still a mystery to me why part 1 and 2 in Netherlands have appeared in the cinema never  . Those who (usually via via) behind the existence of this wonderfully girly movies are quite lyrical after looking it. If you also consider that the films are based on a whole book series, it is not crazy to hope for more parts! DVD: Sisterhood o/t Traveling Pants 2 SisterhoodHet

The story starts with four girls, soul mates from the moment they came out of their mother’s womb, which should make it a summer long without each other. In a second hand store they find a pair of jeans that fit all four miraculously turns out to them. They decide to send around the pants all summer long; everyone is allowed him a week and must pass on him again. So the pants bring luck!

the great success of the movies comes in particular by the well-known stars, which already have made a name for themselves by roles in successful women series and are loved by many an awful. Blake Lively (Gossip Girl) plays Bridget, Alexis Bledel (Gilmore Girls) takes on the role of Lena in itself, America Ferrera (Ugly Betty) is Carmen and Amber Tamblyn (Joan of Arcadia) plays Percy. Very different girls who have a warm friendship and that too really radiate.

the sequel …In part 2 we are a few years later, we follow the ladies during their last school year and a summer full of adventure. Bridget travels to an archaeological site in Turkey. Carmen into the frenetic, creative world behind the scenes of a theater festival in Vermont. For Lena brings the art school in Rhode Island a new love and old heartache. And in the Big Apple Uzoma put a big step forward in her relationship with Brian. Love, a laugh and a tear, and that special pair of jeans that the girls there always drag through it, even if they are no longer see any!

 DVD: Sisterhood o/t Traveling Pants 2 And? just like part 1 also gives this sequel you so \ ‘ n ultimate feel good. Those chicks are so sweet and so much fun for each other, sincere friendship that every girl should have! All four are they as beautiful and make them things which for us ladies very recognizable. The film is a bit long, but personally I found that didn’t mind; fine movies can not last long enough for me. My only question is: when will part 3? The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants:)

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