Valentine’s day can be so easy!

faster than Cupid’s arrows do their job, TNT delivers the best Valentine presents! Almost all gifts are delivered one day after order already! To get you to bring a ë n idea has made from the original Valentijnskadootjes preselection of the TNT Post  -Giftshop!  Valentine can be as easy!

you will … something of love, but also tasty.You send … a Chocotelegram Valentine hearts; the text \ \ ‘ in ‘ I Love You chocolate print that in heart shape have been laid. More romantic and tastier can’t!You pay … 9.95  Valentine can be as easy! you will … also just over a tag, but don’t overdo it.You send … a (fair trade) rose, including vase, which fit through the letterbox! You pay …

5.95 you will … spoil him, but also self benefit.You send.. a BONGO gift certificate \ ‘ \ ‘ in Netherlands World kitchen. Indonesian, Mediterranean, Scandinavian: it’s all possible at the finest international restaurants throughout the Netherlands and even in Belgium ë! You pay …

  34,90  Valentine can be as easy! you will … him warm up for the exciting Valentine’s night that lies ahead.You send   an exciting Kamasutra-the … package with three exciting delicate treasures with strawberry flavor from the KamaSutra collection: Oil of Love, Honey Dust and Pleasure Balm. The products are hidden in a luxury, decorative, metal drum. Finger-licking. Though, fingers …?You pay: 44, 95    Valentine can be as easy! you will … you know sometimes new great love. Or your partner with whom you already have years together are correct what elicit surprising statements. You send … the Conversation starter! This box contains 110 cards with funny, a tad challenging, interesting and unexpected questions you will learn a lot about your partner and yourself, in a fun and funny way. Find out how your loved one would answer questions such as ” what do you do to please me that you are not at all like to do? ” or ” what is the funniest anecdote from your past that you can tell me? ” . You pay:   19, 90   click here to view all to view Valentijnskadootjes!

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