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that he does every episode again. Bolt (John Travolta) is lead actor in a tv series. Time and time again he is at least as common groenogige the common man and his cats and he brings Penny (Miley Cirus) returned home. However, there is a problem: Bolt does not know that he won’t but an actor is \ ‘ and that all his super powers are fake. Bolt is his whole life never been outside of the studio’s. As Penny wants to take him home for a weekend, sticking her annoying (but very funny) manager there a stop to it. Because, the manager argues, if the dog believes he is a super dog, then

the public believes that too.

the search for Penny  Review: Bolt Bolt plays his role with gusto. At the end of each shooting day Penny brings him back to his trailer. Until the time that viewers want more action and the Director decides to run an episode   not well off. Bolt is locked in his trailer without Penny from the hands of Dr. save Calicio and touches all of battle. As soon as he sees the chance, he escapes from his trailer and ends up by an obviously very coincidence on the other side of the us.   In his search for Penny he meets a bunch of hilarious pigeons with at least as hilarious Italian mafia-accent. They lead him to a cunning and cynical Alley Cat called Mittens. Bolt forces the cat to help him and not much later they hand in hand toward the other side of the country. Also connect the tv on the go-crazy hamster Rhino (which is as idolatrous by Bolt that he almost collapses of joy if he should help with the quest) joined the two to. ë N go Gedrie they are on a journey through all the States looking for Penny, while Bolt there slowly but surely find out that he is just an ordinary dog is.

 Review: Bolt Great one-liners and physical humorBolt and Penny are both loyal and lovable characters. Their obvious love for each other is often too thick on top and is occasionally a bit over the top soggy. Fortunately, the supporting characters (the annoying manager, the wacky Rhino and the cynical Mittens) this with their great one-liners and physical humor more than good.   Bolt is the first animated film from Disney that without the help of Pixar came about. While Pixar is known a \ ‘ \ ‘ to create cartoon-like world, around Disney’s Bolt has a very realistic look and feel. This allows for spectacular actiesc è nes and gives the whole movie a very alive character. At the same time, it is in some unrealistic sc è nes pretty confusing. Predictable but hilarious! Review: Bolt Although the film is a succession of predictable plot twists (even for a children’s film), he is definitely worth watching. There are plenty of titillating pursuits and hilarious situations (especially caused by the fanatically enthusiastic Rhino) to kids all is happy to keep. But fortunately the dialogues also stinging   and the film fast enough and smart enough to give us an hour and a half long adults entertained. All in all, definitely worth a visit to the cinema Bolt!

Bolt is to see in 3D! And that seems not only literally but also metaphorically to give an extra dimension to the perception of this film.Bolt is from 11 February to see in Dutch cinemas.

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