Interview: Veldhuis & K!

Remco Veldhuis experienced In 1999

& Richard Kemper their first joint performance in the small Hall of the Concertgebouw in Haarlem. In that year they also were second on Cameretten (after Marc-Marie Huijbregts). The full-length cabaret show Half as Really polite that same year her premi è re, while the final number of the same show  -the hit single I wish I were you  -the No. 2 position in the singlecharts reached. It was in 2003 even the most twisted English number. The duo is already ten years together this year, so we thought a real milestone. Together they create beautiful songs and humorous  Interview: veldhuis & Kemper! cabaret performances. And despite the 10-year anniversary is the pair sat together still have a long way to go. On The Contrary. They are also thick except colleague’s friends, who also often come together on the floor é priv. In the box are the two people who learn from each other and complement each other. ” Sometimes people ask us whether we have enough of it to act with each other for so long. I answer: \ ‘ our enthusiasm for the box grows just day by day, \ ‘ ” said Remco. We need to talk …I speak the two gentlemen in the College hotel in Amsterdam, where they settled down for a press day. The purpose is twofold: promoting their new theatre tour We have to talk é n of their eponymous album. In their fifth cabaret program outlines the duo a picture of the State of affairs between man and woman, as it currently shows. The traditional male-female ratio   is no more, but the tables are not too much turned over and the woman is not t é high requirements? The album is a compilation of songs about life and love: frustrations and rut next to hope, luck and surrender. The title We have to talk sounds quite seriously, especially for a cabaret program. ” Yes, if someone says something against you,   you going to be thinking, especially if you hear it from your wife or girlfriend. Finally, a break can arrive or another nasty communication, ” said Remco. However, is behind the title of this progra  Interview: veldhuis & Kemper! mma also has a different meaning. ” Comedians are talkers, they m ó food always talk otherwise they are nowhere. In the title are also different possibilities. For example, suppose your wife or girlfriend \ ‘ \ ‘ to you say we need to talk and she tells you that your dad is! ” Remco also happen to him only because it is this: he is so self soon father of his first child and there he looks eagerly looking forward to it. ” My wife Gracie and I’ve since eight years a relationship and were married in 2007. I’m quite happy with the upcoming birth of our first child. ” Male/female?The program We have to talk is ultimately about the relationship between man and woman: the gender theme, but then seen from the woman. In other words: it is not the one that changes in the relationship, but rather the man. There must therefore be discussed about what exactly is going on. This is done via sketches and stories with a humorous slant. Remco Veldhuis and Richard Kemper are happy with the different possibilities that their job offers. ” There is a time when we are busy with writing songs and yet another that we use for preparing our cabaret performances, ” explains Richard. ” Songs often arise spontaneously and are based on our own situation or on the experiences of others. I often come with a melody on the piano and Remco fills that with texts, if I come up with an idea and that we work out. There is no particular formula for to imagine. Our songs go very often about relationships, in the widest sense of the word. ” He continues:   ” texts emerge on all the possible places and on a lot of different moments. Sometimes I sit in a pub and suddenly get an idea for a song. Then I write it just on a beer mat and then I work that out later. Whenever we again on a new album or start a new record, the studio full of a   work of paper, tapes, recordings and   idea ë n we then go work out. Much idea grow into a ë n song, while others remain a time and may never see the daylight. But one thing is for sure: of inspiration we never lack. ”  Interview: veldhuis & Kemper! The voorbereidingVoor preparing a cabaret show go to the men’s somewhat different work: ” In the preparatory phase we write many pieces of text. Then we disable a dramaturg in which reads, and we get to sit down again and we’ve three ë with z n most spoke about the upcoming topics look like. Then, we start with the design of it. Yes, it’s always daunting to start a performance as \. And to him later to share with the public, of course, because ultimately there do you all for it. ” Through June 2010 touring Veldhuis & Kemper with We need to talk through the country and 14 February is the official ë le premi è re. The songs album We should talk is from 9 February in stores   KemperEAN 8712629970498 PratenVeldhuis & We should.: price: 16.99

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