My opinion: the laatstewilpil

The public debate around euthanasia is fully flared up in Italy ë. The newspapers were full of it and everyone had an opinion about this case. The Pope opposed it fiercely against the right-wing Government and also shook emphatically no, under pressure of that same Pope. The Catholic faith plays a large role in this discussion, of course. Life is a gift from God and you may just a gift horse in the mouth look, so you do it there but with it. Even if there is little fancy stuff on your life path. Even if you have years of life as a delicate flower. Even if you become old and senile, go kwijn you lonely death and everyone around you away in a nursing home. It is your destiny and that you only have to wear. For God has stuck there a purpose with it. T ú ú rately… Now it is so, that we do not choose for life. That choice is made for us by our parents. And when we then once on this globe walk around, then we make there is usually also but the best of it. E é n security we have in this life: we go again once dead. But h ó e we die and how the road will go there is still unclear. Unclear, but in my view not least. I need not to d é making partnerships that I prolonged coma touch and dependent on my area and the arbitrariness of the people around me. It is my biggest nightmare that I no longer will be able to communicate or an active contribution towards my own existence. So now all I can say with certainty that in as \ a situation, my quality of life far below a level that I would be desirable and bearable eight for myself. With my loved ones, I have the same appointment as Eluana did that with her father, hoping that I’ve in no case seventeen years as on my salvation need to wait … Fortunately I live in a country where euthanasia and assisted suicide is well regulated. Is someone terminally, then he can choose to life and suffering that comes with it, ë up to be active. Also at mental suffering is in some cases possible to get help. Unnecessary suffering seems to be sufficiently covered in our country, but nevertheless, there is still a large group of people who misgrijpt on the Dutch facilities. People who are sick not dead, yet be ready with life. Because they’re already as long as life. Because they are lonely. Because they experienced too much restrictions whereby the quality of life no longer sufficient. For this \ ‘ \ ‘ healthy people there is nothing settled. They seem to be a forgotten group, they fall everywhere outside. Assisted suicide is not punishable in Netherlands namely when someone is ill. Drion pill, commonly called the laatstewilpil, would be able to bring this category for outcome. The idea that a worthy death within your reach is, when life you have nothing more to offer, seems like a nice idea if you are advanced in age. Of course when using this pill to certain conditions must be met and also the safety facilities. The pill-although it seems to be rather a drink go-should not just get in everyone’s hands. I’m laatstewilpil ó ó v r these so-called. And that I am not the only one who thinks so, according to a study that took place last year among the Dutch population. As many as 74% is agree with me! The current Cabinet has included in its Government programme, however, that there is no experiment with the laatstewilpil will be allowed. And that’s too bad. Maybe we should once again the discussion about this \ ‘ \ ‘ breathe new life … what you?

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