Rob Kamphues clashes with no style

the concept of Robs program is pretty risky: you excites unannounced to a celebrity yourself and the key is in a safe deposit box that opens only after several hours. If the conversation not so comfortable, you are so not so é é n, two

, three away again.You would expect that Rob

itself pretty far calls in this kind of spontaneous tv but nothing shows less true. Because Rob was unintentionally earlier victim of Rutger GeenStijls, wanted this to look up for the presenter Llink. But when Rutger with camera and all for his door was, it was anything but happy and hospitable.   it didn’t take

just before the door opened.

unfortunately Rob Rutger to cap it gesms won’t be confirmed by e-mail that he wants to get that this visit is not being broadcast. A bit unsporting…

that Rob themselves not always desired, can be seen in this movie in which stand-up comedian Donald Oil work yelling if it turns out that he is not just the presenter’s

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