Interview: Michèle of Rees about thriller ' ' No. 19.

Mich è le and I have agreed on é n é of the last days of the year 2009 is upon us and it promises to be a great year for Mich è le. She brings her book from é n she has a new job. And 2008 was already so beautiful! Her first novel, my size is full!, came out and got rave reviews. Her second book, no. 19, is soon the stores. Mich le è: ” ” the story of my size is full! had to be written first, before I could go to a completely fictional story begin. Not that it should be automatically issued. Of course, I have also been lucky that I struck a publisher who was impressed with the script. ” My size is full is partly autobiographical and partly a fictional diet novel. Main character Rachel decides she should lose weight and go for it. ” I decided myself that I for the last time in my life and I was going to fall off and I have experienced that process very intensively. When I had reached my goal, I decided to share my experiences in others. Maybe I can help someone. Losing weight can be so lonely. ” After her debut novel è Mich le decided to try something very different: a thriller. ” The thriller match came at the right moment. I was already doing, I’m not going to write a thriller specially for this competition. It was just a nice way to get my manuscript to the attention of a Publisher. ” No. 19 is a powerful, haunting thriller about loneliness and anxiety. It’s about a young elementary school teacher who lives in a house demolition ripe. She would go in together with Erwin, her great love, but he has left her and she has no other House found. Then she gets a new colleague: a married chess teacher with a child but é é n wish:. Since the child cannot give him his wife, he decides to get a baby in a different way. He her hostage in her own home and takes control of her life, right down to the smallest details about it. She is paralyzed by grief and fear. She undertakes various attempts to escape to him. She calls even help to the family doctor. But no one seems to believe her, her parents are even very happy with so \ ‘ n fun new son-in-law. ” ” What inspires me? Take, for example, that story about that Austrian man who kept his daughter locked up for 27 years, while no one knew. There are many examples. Such stories I find so intriguing that I decided to take such a point of view for my thriller. It’s actually so \ a bizarre story, that this sort of thing really happen. It could just be your neighbor. ” My size is full may be autobiographical, no. 19 on the other hand, not at all. ” It is not at all my intention to always write about myself. I write what is in me comes to mind. Of course’s in each book and character something of mine, I’ve finally written. But it’s not consciously autobiographical. ” In both books that loneliness, it is therefore è according to Mich le coincidence. ” I think that anyone ever feels lonely. In any case it is not a subject that I purposely want to make negotiable. I feel even lonelier than others, I think. And as for the psychological suppression of my main character, which is certainly not out of my life. ” No. 19 is for the reader very terrifying. Also for Mich è le was writing sometimes quite exciting. Laughing: ” sometimes my husband came home and then I said to him: \ ‘ it is so exciting. I have to write for a while, because am way too curious about what’s going to happen! \ ‘ I’m really in a kind of flow and the writing goes almost automatically. That is why I am on so \ a moment would you like to know the course. ” The story of no. 19 takes place largely in Rotterdam, the residence of Mich è le, but also in Zeist. ” I have for the book having to do little research, Rotterdam I know well. But I didn’t know so much about Zeist, but even that is now all very easy, with Google maps and Google Earth for example. You can see exactly where that is. I do not for days on end on out to do research… Unfortunately. What I’ve done, for example, is the train ride made that the main character from No. 19 also made. ” Two books in two years time and Mich è le has a lot more inspiration. ” I’ve been playing with an idea for a third book. Writing is my passion. I’ve been lucky enough that I have been able to focus on writing full-time. My husband has given me all the freedom in here. I have been teaching for years and have stopped when I was with my first book began. For some of my colleague’s was that very strange, you get n í et just from teaching, you’re a teacher. But for me it was the urge to write larger than the urge to teach. I get my self-worth from myself, from what I’m doing, not from the fact that I for example teacher b é n. After several years of working at home, I notice that I still contact with colleague’s wrong and part-time working. But stop writing; that never! ”

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