Budget Valentijnstips!


has listed five tips for you to surprise your partner on Valentine’s day. Not too expensive, something different than those boring cinema or hackneyed pizzeria, and above all a lot of fun to do together! And that is what this is anyway to?

1. don’t buy expensive gift, but make yourself a gift for your little guy. Let your creativity run free, buy a white cloth and what brushes and painting your deepest  Budget Valentijnstips! emotions. Painting can also be very therapeutic work, so inveterate express feelings you can enjoy with a lick of paint. It’s mostly a lot of fun to make your own gift for your love, because you make it as personal as you want! So clay an ashtray, fold a large red heart, knot necklace … it’s crea-bea-

time!2. unzip

on Valentine’s day the car and go drive. No matter where, on the road and see where your delicious row end up. Both intentionally by spontaneously and without reason to go riding you will experience the feeling of travel may be even more intense than you might think. You might come across on the way though along a cute little hotel or a beautiful forest … shut up and drive!

3. it’s February, so draw a thick sweater, put that hat on and make loving you a fine walk on the beach. Nothing is more delicious to work hand in hand to stroll along the surf and later with a runny nose hot chocolate to drink in a beach bar. You are on the move and a walk is the perfect way to good conversations and of each other’s presence enjoy … walk on!

 Budget Valentijnstips! 4. even though you are no kitchen Princess, your Valentine will all the effort you put in preparing your favorite meal always appreciate. Love goes simply by the stomach. Do more than messages in advance, make if necessary for a plan B (a frozen pizza is also very romantic) and kokkerel away. Candles, bottle of wine, fine tune … a succesfull dinner for two guaranteed!

5. And last but not least … take your sweet to the place where you fell in love with. Maybe awkward and not very cheap when you first met each other in Mexico, but take your Valentine to a place that is very special for both of you. The place where you first kissed, or where you the deepest conversations conducted, or where you first danced together. Whether you’re a long or short relationship, that spot will always have a special meaning … do you remember?

have fun and enjoy your love on Valentine’s day!

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