Must-have of the week: Red kissable lips

with this classic look you’re always good, especially with style icons such as Marylin Monroe, Madonna and Gwen Stefani as an example. But essential in beautiful red lips is that it nicely yielded é n that it stays in place. Nothing is as \ a letdown if during a romantic get together to besmirch your partner with lipstick. But how cre ë there you now that mouth to kiss?The tips and tricks: * choose the right shade of red. There are basically two types of skin tones: warm and cool. For a warm skin tone, a tinted skin, you will choose an orange/red, brown/red or gold/red color. For example, Dior Addict Positive Red No. 857 (¤ 24, 20) or the Rouge Allure Lover No. 09 by Chanel (¤ 30, 00)

 Must-have of the week: Red kissable lips
1 * 2 * Chanel, Dior Addict Positive Red, Rouge Allure Lover

for cool skin tones, you can better choose a pink/red, cherry/red or purple/red color. Maybelline Superstay Lipcolor, Red Passion No. 510 (¤ 13, 49) for example, or Rouge Interdit by Givenchy, color nr. 17 (¤ 24, 20)

 Must-have of the week: Red kissable lips  Must-have of the week: Red kissable lips
1 * 2 * Maybelline Superstay Lipcolor, Givenchy Rouge Interdit, Red Passion

* first accurately Follow the contours of your lips with a lippotlood (lip liner). Pull your mouth tight and not forget the corners of the mouth. Never go over your natural lip line back to the clown-effect to occur. * Pen your mouth off with a lipstick or gloss, just nipping into a tissue and then one more time. The longlasting crayons are also available separately and provide all day you really kiss-and drinkproof are. * If you have a red mouth, keep the rest of your makeup understated. Put the accent on the sole é é n part of your face. So stay off the eye shadow and keep it at a sleek eyeliner and mascara. Be also careful with blush or sunpowder. You’ll reach the best effect with a subtle blush on an even basis of an opaque foundation. * To prevent you ever buy the wrong color and various red lipsticks have around swinging that you never used, we recommend testing the color on your fingertips. Who have approximately the same color as your lips.

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