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Ram Mohammed Thomas is not a holiday love, my skin is not tanned by the Indian Sun and also the Taj Mahal I still haven’t happened in real life. Earlier I wrote about the great Indian Bollywoodscene in the Bombay (Mumbai). The urge to visit a city like New Delhi to winds over the last few days going back and forth between \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘, on the one hand, and nothing more! what a ellend  Review: Slumdog Millionaire e will I find there? \ ‘ on the other. I have myself using Ram immersed in a beautiful culture, within which many religions take their place. However, this is the (UN) necessary struggle on. I am Also thanks to this special meeting all become more aware of how good we have it, in our little country \ ‘ \ ‘ smoking. We must come out for our opinion, can with enough commitment and willpower ascend to what function and when the world of us rolled into one seems to make a deposit? Then there’s always the

State to fall back on.

how different is all this in the life of the 18-year-old orphan boy Ram, who grows up in a world where we are but little at  Review: Slumdog Millionaire imagined. His heart is torn by things we as affluent Westerners us head for turn back, something he also forced several times to do-he wants to survive. RAM is the main character in Vikas Swarup’s beautiful debut novel the incredible adventures of a poor lucky guy. Vikas studied history, psychology and philosophy at the University of Allahabad. He worked as a diplomat in Turkey, the United States and Britain, Ethiopi ë ë. Nowadays he works at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in New Delhi, where he is Director of the Office that deals with the Indian-Pakistani relations. A colorful background, and an ideal breeding ground for a portrait that barely see in words is.

Danny Boyle has the incredible adventures of a poor lucky guy just made into a film, under the title Slumdog Millionaire. Currently wins this film price after price; He netted all four Golden Globes and the audience award at the Toronto Film Festival on hold. Also, the film was nominated for a whopping  Review: Slumdog Millionaire 10 Oscars. Director Danny Boyle earned his spurs with success films like Trainspotting, The Beach, 28 Days and A Life Less Ordinary.

I left all that intimated, but where does the story exactly about? RAM Mohammed Thomas, in the film Jamal Malik is an orphan boy who decides to participate in the Hindi version of the program Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. The whole country is watching, as he becomes closer to winning an incredible amount of money comes. So much money has never won, but that a poor street urchin to answer the questions correctly know surprised the spectators even more. It may not be other than that there is fraud in the game, so believe the producers, and the big winner \ ‘ is brutally arrested. However, they can make little hard. Fortunately, a lawyer on which Ram wants to help uncover the truth. RAM tells her about his past in slums, about robberies, poverty, abuse and injustice, but also friendship and former loves. Each hoof  Review: Slumdog Millionaire dstuk in his story is a miraculous key to answer the questions raised at the quiz


what makes now that people around the world are seized by the story of this young Indian be? The incredible adventures of a poor lucky guy has two, intertwined, storylines. It is the violent life story of an orphan child who lives on the streets, but also shows the dirty world of showbiz when Ram participates in the television quiz who wins a trillion. Two worlds, miles away from each other-no wonder there is a collision occurs. What readers or viewers probably this way, is the fact that a ‘ death normal \ ‘ boy, who never had any form of education has, it so far know to kick. On several occasions his life hangs by a thread and appears like a game between cat and mouse-where higher castes represent a big fat hangover. Despite this, he manages to sneak in between artful and seems everywhere it’s luck \ ‘ to his side, so he always will find a hole to hide. You also get out to see Ram as figurehead for the hopes and expectations of millions of street children, which, unfortunately, is an inseparable part of the Indian st  Review: Slumdog Millionaire

edelijke landscape.

raw, violently, colorful … My head is still full of Ram, I think silently  – -and hope that he will not soon disappear. The denouement of the story is exceptional: it really open my mouth dropped! On the occasion of the filming a movie Edition of the novel publishing house Mouria brings out. I can only say: buy the book and dive also away in a blistering trip through the wonderful India, let you grab it by the portrait of a boy who you have in your heart and arms m ó et close!Slumdog Millionaire had its Dutch premi è re Saturday 24 January, at the International Film festival Rotterdam, in the presence of co-director Loveleen Tandan. Slumdog Millionaire is to see from   12 February   in Dutch cinemas.

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