Once again in love with

The verhaalTilly is a young smooth girl of 28. As her long relationship is about, she finds that not even really all that; secretly went the already not so good and it comes her good that he decides. To recover from the fracture, she leaves the big city to spend some time with her best friend Erin te lo  once again in love with geren, who lives in a small village where everyone knows each other.

it just so happens that Tilly in the village a job as Jack of all trades can get at Max, a divorced man, and his 13-year-old daughter Lou. She decides her life to throw and to withdraw with the family, where It is of course totally happy with it; her friend lives again close!

In that village lives also Jack, a very godly man who is adored by every woman. His reputation is determined not to her house to write, so Tilly has absolutely no sense to participate in that mad Jack-hype. Until she met him; He turns out to be a good friend of Max. Tilly is well just very wise busy or let them walk the love of her life?

And? just like Sophie Kinsella delivers the é n é Jill Mansell after the other delicious chick lit off. These are books in which you don’t have to think too much, can put your wits to zero. Main characters who like each other, but yet again not (because it can’t or mag) and finally find each other. Or does it?

 Once in love with once again in love with Despite that you see all of the é arrive, far end clich bored Once again in love with no time. What about well between Tilly and Jack? And will the relationship between Erin and her new love, where she has been waiting for so long but what all but runs smoothly, saving? For all romantica’s among us (and that there are fixed much!): put this book on your wish list!

Deep curl up under your duvet with only a bedside lamp and swoon but!

9021802503 verliefdJill MansellISBN

Once again: price: 17, 50Uitgeverij: Sijthoff

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