Do you work from free will?

research shows that more than 30% of Dutch people to do volunteer work. Work for a sports club, a charity and the Church turn out to be the most popular. Many people would want to do voluntary work, but say here simply to have no time for. However, if the employer would give     volunteer time to do, would be 65 percent use them.

want to do volunteer work before you decide to go, remember well first why you want:

Do you do it for fun, or do you want to contribute to a charity?   Go for yourself after how much time you can and want to spend. Search until you find something that suits you. But above all: just try it! Just turn that first step, it is anyway a new work and life experience!

why would you want to start volunteering?

The work and the effort often gives a lot of satisfaction. You will learn many new people know. You learn new skills and new experiences on. in addition, it is often just a lot of fun to do!

to get started! you work from free will? what options you have as a volunteer?Infinitely! In many areas there is next to \ ‘ \ ‘ just work too much demand for volunteer work. Here are some of the industries in which much work is to be found:

Creative Communication Sport Management Organization Computer Teaching assistance advisory work Catering Holiday activities Religious

When is called volunteering work?This   happens when the work is where you don’t get paid for, that are not professionally done, that no fixed work place, that is not competitive with paid work and if the work is not   takes more than 20 hours per week.Note: volunteer work is voluntary, but not optional!

Not available in Netherlands, but also abroad there is enough demand for volunteers. It can be very fun and educational to a far journey to combine with a few  you work from free will? days/weeks of volunteer work in the country concerned. Read the interview we had with Mirjam; they went on a trip to Kenya to help there!

of course we hear it at like if you already volunteer work does or have done and perhaps even us nice tips or advice can give!For more information and finding volunteer work, you can also visit the sites of Free    

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