A sultry hour by Mariah Carey (+ WIN)

Cari è rre The singing talent of Mariah Carey (38) was detected early. As they effortlessly sang her mother’s classical pieces after kindergarten. Loving mother Patricia, her daughter decided to give singing lessons, therefore even before Mariah could read and write. As a teenager had Mariah è re already mapped out her zangcarri in her dreams, and she hung around a lot with musicians. Interested her little school. She was busy with recording my numbers. At the age of 17 she gave her dream professional form, as background singer by Brenda k. Starr. In 1988 she pushed at a party the cast Tommy Mottola of Sony Music ï onge initially a demo in hand. When he was in his Limo on the way home her voice heard, he decided, pleasantly surprised, that this is exactly the right answer was on record company Arista’s Whitney Houston. In 1990 scored Mariah with her first single Vision of love. A wonderful moment in her career è re took place, when she contracted in March 1992 an acoustic session at MTV. All envious tongues, who claimed that her high notes were manufactured in the studio and so were fake, were blown from their socks. However, her cd Music Box from 1993 with a lot of criticism received by the media, precisely because of her huge success. The media, however, could not prevent 25 million copies worldwide by Music Box flew over the counter. Meanwhile, no fewer than 41 times a Dutch chart positions if Mariah being credited. There is also an extensive Dutch portal with 94 Mariah-links: mariahcarey.startpagina.nl. A sultry hour by Mariah Carey (+ WIN) Personally Mariah has a brother (Morgan, 48) and one sister (Alison, 50). Her stage name is her real name. She is 1.75 meters, with naturally Brown curly hair. In 1993, she married her record producer Tommy Mottola. After 4 years, but the couple kept it a day they continued to be friends and fellow’s got the couple not. children. Mariah said only children to want to if they have a stable relationship, because her parents divorced when she was 3. From 1998 to 2002, Mariah had a relationship with Luis Miguel. Also are known to have a short relationship with Derek Jeter. On 30 april 2008, secretly, she married actor, rapper and dj Nick Cannon (27), on the estate of Carey on the Bahama Island of Eleuthera. Even for this given her friends came out of the blue, there the couple knew each other only a few weeks. Mariah sealed the marriage by the name of her new husband on her back to tattoo ë ren. This information, as well as a number of wedding photo’s, Oprah Winfrey to her as first ontfrutselen knew. Gossip of course remained, but Nick explained last summer, that marriage is anything but laborious. They celebrated their commitment still twice Grand, in Six Flags amusement park (90,000 euros) and in the heart of New York (2.5 million euro). There was also a desire to have children is born. Of course there are then many articles published with news about an alleged pregnancy, but as of yet remains Mariah silent. And alcohol refuse…Mariah Carey-The Ballads This new compilation album has 17 of Mariah’s ballads from the nineties. Thus they will treat her fans on more than 70 minutes sultry music. Most of these songs are so well known, that a description about it would be redundant. The cd contains delicious numbers, such as Hero, Vision of love, Without you and My all. Also duets including Usher, Boyz II Men and Westlife in the tracklist included. Only Always be my baby and How Much would I have to not tempt me these tracks and ballads also less. All in all, I consider the cd though as a good acquisition. If valve sounds cute Endless Love with Luther Vandross. The imposing carri è re of Mariah, makes the release of this compilation cd logical. For millions of people is her music a support or inspiration. They should be proud of all the quality she has put down! A sultry hour by Mariah Carey (+ WIN) Label: Sony Release date: 23 January 2009 EAN: 0886974339328 Website: www.mariahcarey.comWIN! Vrouw.nl may be a number of cd’s of Mariah give away. Mail to prijsvraag@vrouw.nl, mentioned ” Mariah Carey ” in the subject and also put in the email your name, address and username on Vrouw.nl. Without registered user name you can unfortunately not join! Only é é n entry per address is accepted. This contest will run until Friday 20 February

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