Interview: RED!

were you guys after all these months Popstars not a little sat?Brandi: ” after the final we were indeed hard to rest. But our month-long efforts have paid off. We are now the new pop group… RED! ” Chris: ” it was all quite violently. All that tension, of course, do what all those emotions with you. But it’s all been for good reason! ” How clicks between you guys?D é on: ” We have every day fight haha. No not at all … we can find the very well with each other. ” Salah: We have each other during Popstars know very well. Brandy and D é on are just great! ”  Interview: RED! Brandi: ” it’s a pity that Norman is not part of the group. He is my best friend from Popstars. Fortunately, we have all three still almost daily contact with him. ” How are RED! as a group sound like?D é on: ” If you hit our number 1 have heard Step Into The Light, you get a bit of an idea, but we can still v é é l more though! ” Steffie: ” We are fan of very different artists: Pink é, Beyonc and U2. I think RED! is going to sound like a combination of our three examples. That makes us even though unique don’t you think? ” Brandi: ” I think we still have a lot of surprises in store for you. ” What happens to you as an unexpected yet fails with RED!?D é on: ” well, here we go not from though. But if the t ó ch go wrong, then I just go back to my sport training that I followed at ROC in Hilversum, the Netherlands. ” Brandi: ” then I would go solo. But fortunately this is now not the case. I think it’s too much fun with my colleague’s! ” Tara: ” Without RED! I would finish my music training and getting started with our school band. ”  Interview: RED! What are you going to do about it to stay?Brandi: ” We go well show who we are and what we can. We are happy to also a record company who will try their best RED! to a great success. ” D é on: ” We’re going to work hard with the promo of our single Step Into The Light and all singles who come after. ” Steffie: ” soon we go into the studio for our first album. That is of course very very exciting! The most important thing is that we there the next time all for g

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